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The Spiritual Meaning of 333

Why Is the Voynich Manuscript Named in the Bible Codes?
Overt Illuminati Satanic Symbols Pour Out of the American Music Industry, Secular Society Turns a Blind Eye
Are Nibiru and Revelation’s “Wormwood” One and The Same?
Remarkable Coincidence: Strange Booming Trumpet Sounds Heard Globally Sound Like Ancient Israeli Trumpets
#1375 (deleted)
2011 World Events: We Are Living in Biblical Times
Imbedded RFID Chips = 666 Mark of the Beast
Is Nibiru ‘Wormwood’ of Revelations? Is Comet Elenin Nibiru?
Breaking News Bombshell: Obama Admits in Speech He Was Born in Kenya
HAARP: Aerial Signs and Wonders in the Skies of Australia 2010, 2011
Ancient Astronauts, The Urantia Book, Nibiru, Kurdistan Discoveries and the Challenge of Modern Christianity
Bible Prophecy Fulfilled As Reports Circulate That China is Building Military Bunkers in Pakistan for 1/2 Million Man Army
What Jesus Really Looked Like
Is The Coming Pole Shift Directly Connected to The Prophesied Seven Last Plagues of Revelation?
History of Israel In Scripture: Bible Prophecy Fulfilled
De-programmed: Mkbutterfly71′s Illuminati Story
Illuminati Family Tree Exposed: New Age Front Groups Lead to Lucis Trust, UN, Maitreya
Vatican Shows It’s True Colors: University of Arizona, Vatican and Jesuits Name New Telescope ‘Lucifer’
Esteemed Jewish Rabbi 108 Years Old Revealed The Name of The Messiah Right Before He Died in 2007
Ex-Illuminati Refugee Breaks Mind Control Program, Warns of Maitreya’s False Cosmic Christ Era Approaching
Events in Egypt Are Fulfilling Bible Prophecy: Joel 3:19, Isaiah 19
Pole Shift, 7 Last Plagues, Bible Prophecy, Global Awakening
2012-2013 and Project Blue Beam
Worldwide Mass Animal Deaths Fulfill Bible Prophecy: Hosea 4:1-3
KJV Holy Bible and Urantia Book Corroborated By Discovery of “Giantism Gene” in Northern Ireland: Is This the Missing Link to the Nephilim Gene?
A Strong Delusion
Prophecy Headlines In The News From Worldslastchance.com
Bible Prophecy Headlines In The News
Poignant Description of Jesus Christ’s Physical Appearance Gleaned from Historical Records of a Public Official From His Day
The Most Significant Thread In God’s Great Tapestry Is You
Today’s Muslim Brotherhood Grew Out of World War II Era Nazi Eugenics Doctrines
The Coming False One World Religion: Connect the Dots
Maitreya’s Disturbing Logo
Why Is the CIA Helping the Rise of the Imam Mahdi, Son of Perdition?
Kathleen Keating
70 Miniscule Lead Books Discovered in Jordan: Major Christian Archeological Find May Corroborate Passages in Revelations
Astana Kazakhstan To Host Congress of World Religions Convention Again in 2012
Second Coming vs. HAARP Blue Beam Holograms
More Than 50,000 Christians In North Korea Are Being Tortured and Abused For Their Faith
Introduction to Joel Richardson, Biblical Prophecy, Islam in the End Times
Humanity’s Nihilistic Death Wish: New Age and Christian Videos Predict End of the World in 2011
Chinese Intellectuals Conclude Christianity The Reason for Success of the West
Dark Hollywood
Imam Mahdi Rising: What Iran Is Teaching Their People
Imam Mahdi Warning Signs
Maitreya Worldwide Religious Deception Exposed
7 Significant Truth Movements
Top astronomers warn the world could end within 90 years
About Biblical Times
Ancient Jewish Scrolls Found in Northern Afghanistan
The United Nations and the Occult Agenda of Maitreya
The Great Lie
Bosnian Ph.D. Archeologist Excavating European Pyramids Larger Than Giza
#1373 (deleted)
Aerial “Signs and Wonders” Recorded Globally As More People Videotape UFO Sightings
TV Media Associates Aerial HAARP Blue Beam Spiral With Maitreya: Why?
Ancient Astronauts, Kurdistan’s Golbeki Tepe, The Urantia Book and Modern Christendom
UN Subliminal Appeared on American TV Screens Briefly in 2002
By Popular Demand: “The Spiritual Meaning of 333″ Reposted
Connecting the Dots Regarding Spherical Statues of Nibiru Planet X All Around the World
Other News Blogs By the Author of Biblical Times
Discernment of Spirits
Forbidden Archeology: Ancient Elongated Skulls Found Globally: Were These the Legendary Nephilim of the Bible?
The Most Significant Thread In God’s Great Tapestry Is You
Did the Ancient Egyptians Really Create Human-Animal Hybirds Using Annunaki Technology? Or Does the History Channel Want You To Believe That They Did?
How This Truth Journey Began
Ancient Annunaki, The Urantia Book, and Modern Myths About Human Origins
Share International Aligns w/ HAARP Blue Beam Norway Spiral
Bombshell Video Disclosure: The Vatican Holds More Gold Bullion Than All World Governments Combined
Islam’s Relationship to The “Beast” in Christian Scripture: Two New Videos
Maitreya World Apostasy Watch
USA Radiation Fallout Reports By Citizen Journalists 3.22.11
#1534 (untitled)
Bond Bubble May Burst in 2011: Hyper-inflation Red Alert
Jeremiah 25: 32 & 48:8 Predicts Planet X Nibiru aka “The Destroyer”
Christian Prophet Chase Kyla Hunter Correct Again: Wikileaks – “Norway Spiral was HAARP”
Muslims Stone Christian Tourists At Temple Mount in Israel
Rafael Dy-Liacco of Ateneo Theology Department: Astronomy in the Books of Haggai, Zechariah, and Revelation (via ATENEO PHYSICS NEWS)
Public Official From Times of Christ Recorded Exactly What Jesus Looked Like
Maitreya, Raj Patel Not The Same Man: Photos
History Channel “Outs” Illuminati Lucifer Worship Truth to Astounded American TV Viewers
TV Non-Event
Citizen Journalist Videos: Lucis Trust, UN Luciferian Roots, Maitreya False World Messiah, Son of Perdition
Outdoor Webcam At Lake Retreat Records Nibiru At Sunset: Video, Photos
#1533 (untitled)
Odd Similarities Between Maitreya’s Logo & Logo of the Congress of World Religions in Astana
Just Say NO to a National ID Card. It Will Lead to an Embedded RFID Chip.
Earth Lags Behind Other Worlds In Understanding It’s Own Origins, Geology and Ancient History
David Wilcock Exposes More Information About Hidden Global Luciferian Cult in Recent “Coast” Interview
Norway Spiral Deja Vu: More HAARP Wave Spiraling Vortexs Appearing Worldwide
Message to Egypt: Freedom, Democracy and Violence Against Women Are Not Synonymous
The History of The Jewish Nation As Portrayed in Scripture, The Last Days
Raj Patel, Before His “Messiah” Naming by Share International Followers, and After
Christian Mystic Chase Kyla Hunter Documents the Bizarre Rise of Raj Patel and Claims Made That He is a World Messiah
Was the True Face of Jesus of Nazareth Revealed to Mystics Hundreds of Years Before the Shroud?
Never Heard of the North American Union? That’s Because FED Doesn’t Want You To Know: Stealth Legislation Tactics
The Value of Nothing: Raj Patel Appearance on the Colbert Report
From Prince Handley: The Preparation of Born Again Israel in the Last Days
Scientists: “Jupiter Is Melting” – More Evidence Solar System is Warming, Nibiru the Cause
Breaking: Nibiru Visible From Antarctica, Daylight Video Footage from 2.27.2012
Timeline 2012 16 Part Video Series: Earth Changes & Pole Shift
UK Citizen Reporter Examines Nibiru in Bible Prophecy From Book of Revelations
100% Reader Supported: Browse the Emergency Preparedness Store
Re-post By Popular Demand: Chase Kyla Hunter’s Original “Global Call to Awakening” Posted March 2008
Why Sarah Palin Is More Popular with Americans Than the Obamas or Bushs
Roots in Kenya: Obama, Maitreya & Raj Patel
Maitreya’s Logo, Thoth Writings, Swastika, Blavatsky Doctrine & His Iranian Birth Add Up to Imam Mahdi
#1567 (deleted)
The Face of Jesus Christ: Discerning the Real King from the Counterfeit
New 2012 Nibiru Footage
The Best of Kathleen Keating: Research, Links, Radio Interviews
Brilliant Youtuber Confirms Dozens of Prophesies Made By Jesus Have Been Fulfilled
#190 (deleted)
How to Recognize the False Deception of the New “One World Religion” of Maitreya
Brief NASA Video Presents Clues About Nibiru, Brown Dwarfs, Orphan Planets in Space
Straight Talk About False World Messiah Maitreya [ Video ]
Breaking: Wisconsin Mystery Booms May Be Manmade: Pattern Showing in Aerial Maps of Origins of Police Reports
2017 RFID Chipped ‘Ubiquitous Living’: RFID Chipped Future Planned For the World Public
The Best of Kathleen Keating June 14th 2006 Part One
#945 (deleted)
How to Recognize the False Deception of the New “One World Religion” of Maitreya
Kim warns troops to prepare for ‘sacred war’ during US-South Korea exercises
7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexico, USGS Downgrades the Size of the Quake Twice in One Hour
1987 Encyclopedia Brittanica Published Diagram of a Second Sun in Our Solar System
History Channel Video Depicts Biblical End of Days in 21st Century
666 Beast Alert: Edible Traceable RFID Microchips Go On Sale in the UK
Barack Obama In Error Regarding Christian Majority in America
Chase Kyla Hunter’s Norway Spiral Reports from 2009 Are Proved True: Wikileaks: Spiral was HARP
Featured Shopping Link on Ready For Anything Store
Raj Patel / Maitreya Hand Print Test An Exact Match
World Apostasy Update: Media Cult of Raj Patel as “Maitreya” is Growing
Obama, Maitreya, HAARP Blue Beam, Norway Spiral: Recipe for World Fraud
More Inexplicable Sun Events, March 11th 2012: Black Sphere, Energy Spiral, Sun
Another False Teaching Emerges RE: Son of Perdition and Lost Ark of the Covenant
Extraterrestrial Global Warming
Annunaki Media
Large Solar Storm Headed Our Way, Some Power Outages Predicted
Mystery Winged Fireball 2011
Chinese Legends Corroborate Ancient Astronaut Theory, Site in Kurdistan Pushes Back Dating of Human Civilization
Benjamin Creme Denies & Blasphemes Jesus Christ on “Bill Maher” TV Show Appearance
Nibiru Art Videos Music Photos
George Noory Was made Sick While Interviewing Benjamin Creme on Radio
Poland Erects the World’s Largest Statue of the Lord Jesus Christ
RFID Chip Is the New World Order “Mark of the Beast”
Council Guest Raj Patel Named ‘Maitreya’ By Share International
Bible Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled Dozens of Times Already: Youtube Video
If You Are Confused About Maitreya, Then It’s Time to Begin Asking the Right Spiritual Questions
Significant New Video Regarding Maitreya Should Be Shared With All Christians
Kathleen Keating: Bible Codes
Why the name “333 Crucible?”
Benjamin Creme Blasphemes Jesus Christ in May 10th 2010 Bill Mayer TV Interview: Maitreya’s World Deception Begins
Support Biblical Times News Blog By Shopping with Our Sponsors
Christian Researchers & Citizen Journalists Enjoy Bitter Vindication As FED Admits Hiding Nazis in US After WWII
Kathleen Keating Stated Maitreya Is the Antichrist Ten Years Ago
#345 (deleted)
Copyrights & Disclaimer
How American Women & Teens Can Stay Safer: Always Carry Pepper Spray, A Cell Phone, & A Whistle
Newest Nibiru Second Sun Videos October 2011
Will Sarah Barracuda Run for the White House? Will the Divine Intervention Get Even Better?
Whatever Happened to Obama Messiah Frenzy & All the Kool-aid People from 2008? Prepare for 2012 Now.
Most Recent Nibiru Footage From Hawaii Observatory Shows Seven Orbiting Satellites
Locating Accurate Astronomy Data On Nibiru Like Finding Needle In A Haystack
2009 Bilderberg Group Meeting Members List: Drastic Population Reduction Planned in Secret for 2012 & Beyond
Updated: Nibiru Second Sun With Satellites Rises Ahead of Our Sun: Aug 30th 2011 Mauna Kea Observatory Footage
Swedish Television Broadcasting Company Proclaims Raj Patel “Hero” & A World Savior. Why? Who Financed This Video?
Marshall Masters Comet Elenin Update Sept 2011 – Jan 2012
The UN Agenda for One World Government Under A Luciferian Philosophy
Maitreya.org’s Maitreya Biography
Blasphemy on Live TV: Benjmin Creme Denies Jesus Christ in Bill Mayer TV Interview May 10th 2010: World Apostasy of Maitreya Begins
Is There A Connection Between The Selling of Maitreya to the World & Obama’s Presidency?
Were Deep Underground Military Bases, aka D.U.M.B.S. Constructed To Survive Nibiru?
Is The Tug Of Nibiru’s Gravity Behind The World’s Escalating Earth Changes?
Top Ten Posts for 333 Crucible on 8.31.2010
2012 Featured Radio: Midland Hand Cranked Two Way Emergency Radio
Is the UN Funding Antichrist Maitreya’s “Share International” Organization?
Links Videos
Coal Black, Nearly Non-visible Planet Near Constellation Draco Discovered By Astronomers
Monitoring Possible Manifestations of the Imam Mahdi in the Mideast
How Can “Maitreya Mania” Be Avoided? Chase Hunter Counsels Pray for the Discernment of Spirits
Five Warning Signs of the Rise of the Islamic Imam Mahdi: (Christian Antichrist)
Looking for Nibiru? Short List of Astronomy Webcam Links For Examination
Antichrist Maitreya Aligns with Illuminati HAARP Blue Beam Norway Spiral, Plans Global TV Ad Campaign: Urgent Breaking Report for Christians
Identical Sculptures of Nibiru Are Installed All Around the World: Why?
Antarctica Neumayer Station Video Feed Shows Nibiru With Satellites Passing
Alternative News Forum Announces 2010 Citizen Journalist Video of the Year
More “Share International Doublespeak” Regarding Maitreya’s Birthdate, Raj Patel Is Caught in the Middle of it.
Kit’s Blog Weighs in on the Patel / Maitreya Issue
The Spiritual Research of Wayne Croley
CNN Nibiru News Update From August 14th 2011
Planetary Kali Yuga Gives People of All Faiths A Real Work-Out
Southern California Woman Records Two Suns At Sunrise: Nibiru Video Footage
Kathleen Keating Coast to Coast Radio Interview 5.25.2000 Part 4
Fukushima One Year Later: Where Will Tons of Tsunami Debris Finally Make Landfall?
Detractors Debunkers
Nibiru, Elenin Harbinger Events: What One YT Reporter Says To Watch For
“Asking the Right Spiritual Questions”: Most Popular Post By CK Hunter from 2009
The Man Who Calls himself Maitreya was Born in Tehran, Iran
More About Biblical Times
Comet Elenin October 2011 Update: Hopi Blue, Red Star Kachina Prophecy Reports
Richard Hoagland Discusses Comet Elenin “Fear Porn” and FEMA’s 11-9-11 Test
Torah Bible Codes About Maitreya Very Revealing
Is Indonesia Sinking? Are New “Post Nibiru Pole Shift” Cities in China Rising?
Antichrist maitreya commercial airing on CNN
EXPOSED: The Maitreya Antichrist Commercial On CNN & History Channel
Russian News Media Reports Nibiru Visible With the Naked Eye Since May 2011
Our Second Sun A Brown Dwarf? “Binary Star Solar System” TV Reports On Nibiru
Why Does Maitreya Seek Affiliation with the HAARP Blue Beam Norway Spiral?
Dozens Document Sun Rising In New Location In North America, Canada
Astronomy Webcams in Hawaii, Antarctica, Northern Canada Record Second Sun
Raj Patel is Rajeev Patel: “We modify the term ‘fascism’ with ‘global’.”
Maitreya Rising? By Paul Proctor
Excessive USA News Coverage of Raj Patel, Maitreya Emergence & Related
Top Twenty Posts on 333 Crucible
The Nibiru Effect: What’s Causing Global Die-Off of Earth’s Flora and Fauna?
Neurosurgeon Has Near-Death Experience, Discovers That “Heaven is Real.”
Antichrist Maitreya Seeks Affiliation with Norway Spiral Event, A HAARP Wave Artificially Created False Sign
Lingering Urban Legend of Nazis Colonizing the Moon Portrayed in “Iron Sky”
Islam Watches for the Return of the Iman Mahdi: Is the Islamic Messiah the Christian Antichrist?
The Annunaki Nibiru Connection In Prehistory: Photos & Archeological Finds
Will the REAL Second Coming Occur in Our Lifetime? Chase Hunter Makes A Startling Prediction
Recent Nibiru Reports From European Television
“Impossible” Summer Sun Activity in Antarctica Recorded, Reported: Viral Video Alert
TV Spot for Antichrist Maitreya Airs on Fox Network
Maitreya To Appear in TV Ad Campaign in 2010 – Why Does He Need to Advertise?
Catch all Chase Hunter RSS news feeds here
Nibiru Second Sun With Satellites Visible At Sunrise At Maui Hawaii Observatory May 2011
Maitreya Research from Redmoonrising.com
Citizen Journalist Decodes Nibiru Flight Path Printed On A Swiss Bank Note
Nibiru Comet Elenin Astronomy Update August 2011, Images, Reports, Nasa’s Red X, Fall Orbital Projections
Another YT Reporter Catches the Tail of Nibiru’s Orbiting Satellites in New Mauna Kea Footage
New August 27 2011 Mauna Kea Observatory Footage of Nibiru [@1:26 sec]
American Christians React, Respond to 01.14.10 Maitreya TV Interview “Non Event”
Virgin Mary Apparition Arouses Hope, Faith in Knock West Ireland
Tom Horn on Apollyon Rising 2012 The Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed
For Bloggers Who Wish to Re-post My Work, Read Copyright Permissions Here.
Incoming Asteroids Were Classified As Top Secret By the FED in 2009
Will the REAL Maitreya Please Stand Up? World Christendom Wants To Know
Ludicrous Stories Swirling Around “Maitreya’s” TV Interview Have Only Made the Smell of Fraud Worse
Breaking: Stunning Aerial Object With Fiery Double Tail Recorded in South America, Auckland. Melbourne: Is This Nibiru?
Astronomer Dr. Byron Glenn: “Comet Elenin Is A Real Threat”
US Military Remote Viewer Major Ed Dames: “Planet X Kill Shot” Video Now Viral
Chinese Newscast Apparently The First TV Media Outlet To Report On Solar “Orb” UFOs
Kathleen Keating Coast to Coast Radio Interview 5.25.2000 Part 2
BREAKING: Britney Spears New Music Video Includes Explicit Nibiru Second Sun Warning
Bible Possibly Written Centuries Earlier, Newly Discovered Pottery Shard Text Suggests
More and More Bloggers Feel Urge to Expose the Maitreya Lie (Apostate False Christ, Antichrist)
Ready For Anything Home Preparedness Store
YT Reporter Discusses The Real Reason For TV Show “The Event” – Nibiru
Second Sun Visible At Sunrise In Northeast Scotland
New Blogs By Chase Kyla Hunter
Maybe Barack Obama Should Go Back to Mars
Comet Elenin Nibiru Alert Fall 2011
The Great Invocation – this popular new age prayer will be misused to invoke Apostasy
Maitreya, The Betrayer [ By Let Us Reason Ministeries Website ]
Kathleen Keating Coast to Coast Radio Interview 5.25.2000 Part 5
2011 Top Nibiru Podcasts on Blogtalkradio.com
Raj Patel Maitreya World Fraud Update: 7.10.2010
Deception Afoot: Maitreya & “Master Jesus”
Is Second Sun Nibiru Responsible For The Heating of The Solar System?
Maitreya Page from Cuttingedge.org website
Kathleen Keating Coast to Coast Radio Interview 5.25.2000 Part 3
The Rise of the Imam Mahdi, Dark Messiah, Antichrist: 5 Warning Signs
The Nibiru Effect: Predecessor Events From 2010, Early 2011
The Russians Are Building 5,000 New Bomb Shelters: Are They Preparing For Nibiru’s Fly By?
Maitreya the Antichrist: Video Expose’
October 24th Coronal Mass Ejection Puts On An Auroral Show
Popular Chase Hunter Essays
NBC Nightly News Reports on The Close Passing of Asteroid YU55
August 2011 Comet Elenin / Nibiru Astronomy News Roundup: Is Nibiru Now Visible From Southern Continents?
Nibiru Links, Threads From Godlikeproductions.com
Bizarre Aerial Anomaly Videotaped in The Skies of Auckland New Zealand
Popular Chase Hunter Links for Spiritual Truth Seekers
The Maitreya Fraud Gets Worse: “Wayne Peterson & Maitreya” Is One of the Most Ridiculous Fabrications I Have Ever Read.
Random Research Snippets RE: Maitreya False Christ, Part 1
Recent Posts on Companion Blog 2012poleshift.wordpress.com
Will 2010 Be the Year of the Great Maitreya & Blue Beam Hoax?
Hundreds of Radio Listeners Became physically Ill While Listening to Maitreya PR Man Benjamin Creme During A Recent Georgy Noory Interview
Asking All the Right Spiritual Questions
HAARP Blue Beam Nobel “Torsion” Message Over Norway
The Great Lie About “Maitreya’s Materializing Body” Is Being Perpetrated By PR Man Benjamin Creme
Excerpt From My Spiritual Diary: Summer 2006
Catastrophic “Religious” Ignorance Behind the Christian Fundamentalism Which Brought Proposition Eight to Trial
Muslim TV Show Airs Segment on “How To Beat Your Wife”
Stampeding Confused Americans A Spiritual Signpost
Another Media Article Cites Raj Patel as “Heralded” By Share International Members as Maitreya
Further Research on Maitreya media article UK Dec 2008
Kathleen Keating Report from Rense.com in 2000
NASA Claims Space Junk Fell into South Pacific, Mystery Fireball Falls on Houses, Village in Argentina Same Day
The Web That Cried Wolf: Nibiru, Drama Drama And More Drama
Softball Sized Hail A Side Effect of Hurricane Irene’s Passage Through the Bahamas
Summer 2011 Nibiru Update: Second Sun Visible, Video From Siberia, Hungary, Hawaii
British Documentary Investigates the 2005 Discovery of Celestial Object: 2003 UB313
Kathleen Keating Coast to Coast Radio Interview 5.25.2000 Part 1
Benjamin Creme Caught in His Own Doublespeak Again By Innocent San Fran Blogger
The Rise of the Imam Mahdi: Muslim Messiah coming to town? 3-3
CNN Promotes Brain Chip Implants
Who Is Maitreya? Essay from gotquestions.org
Lies, Lies & More Lies: No Video Proof To Be Found
Central Appalachian Region Comes Highly Recommended, Pray Your Way Along


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RSS Sharia Unveiled Christian News Blog

  • Report Exposes Saudi Arabia as the World’s Largest Sponsor of Boko Haram’s Agenda to Exterminate Christians in Africa 04/23/2014
      by, Elombah Nigeria: Research by three scholars, Anahita Ghorbani, MA, Iranian women’s rights activist and researcher; Yafiah Assoulin, PhD, Syrian women’s rights activist and researcher; and Shada Al Zahrani, MA, a Saudi journalist, women’s rights activist and researcher, have a exposed the link between the Islamist terrorists operating in north east Nige […]
    sharia unveiled
  • 17-Year-old Muslim Girl Converts to Christianity Then Her Dad Murders Her 04/23/2014
      by, Our East Africa Correspondent | Morning Star News NAIROBI, Kenya  – The 17-year-old daughter of a Muslim man in Uganda was able to attend one church service this month before he killed her for leaving Islam, sources said. Abdul Hakim Ibanda of Kamuli town in eastern Uganda beat Nanvunani Shamimu and her 19-year-old sister, Nawudo […]
    sharia unveiled
  • Al Qaeda’s Own Propaganda Video Accidentally Provides U.S. Intel for Drone Strikes in Yemen 04/23/2014
      ‘..al Qaeda accidentally provides the U.S. Military with their names, faces, vehicle license plates and location..’   by, The Washington Free Beacon Fox News national security reporter Catherine Herridge reported Tuesday last week’s Al Qaeda propaganda video released by militants in Yemen was an intelligence “goldmine” and led to the massive drone strikes […]
    sharia unveiled
  • Paul Golding of Britain First Arrested for Exposing Al Qaeda Terrorist Living in Essex (Video) 04/22/2014
      by, Britain First | Live Leak Britain First exposed the home address of a known Al Qaeda terrorist called Sajeel Shahid who was living in Essex. Mr Shahid was responsible for training the ringleader of the 7/7 tube and bus bombers. He ran terrorist training camps in Pakistan. Recently, he was given taxpayers’ money to […]
    sharia unveiled
  • 57-Year-old Pakistani Muslim Rapes an 11-Year-old Indian Boy in a Dubai Mosque 04/21/2014
      by, IANS | India Today | h/t Trop DUBAI, UAE:  A court in the UAE on Sunday adjourned till April 27 the hearing in a case relating to the attempted sexual assault on an 11-year-old Indian boy in a mosque in Dubai. A Pakistani technician, 57, identified only as DK, has been accused of […]
    sharia unveiled
  • Mosque Doubles as a Bomb Making Factory Until Workplace Accident Occurs 04/21/2014
    Mosque explosion in Ghanzi province Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of: Khaama Press by, Ghanizada | Khaama Press | h/t Trop A local Taliban commander was among five militants killed following an explosion inside a mosque in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan. Local government officials said the militants were killed while they were making an improvised expl […]
    sharia unveiled
  • BREAKING: Obama Funded Rebels in Syria Force a Christian to Recite the Shahada Then Behead Him (Video) 04/21/2014
      WARNING: GRAPHIC!  This video shows the actual beheading. Editorial Preface:  I have stated this before and I will state it again; We encourage all adults to view a beheading video ONE TIME ONLY to gain an appreciation and respect for those who suffer that form of death.  Never should these videos be viewed more […]
    sharia unveiled
  • Muslims in Nigeria Burn a 5-Year-old Girl to Death During Attack on Girl’s School 04/21/2014
    File photo by, Sylvia Eneghalu | 360 Nobs | h/t Trop Bauchi State, Nigeria:  Boko Haram men in the early hours of today April 20th attacked Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS), Yana, killing a 5 year old girl and setting some buildings in the staff quarters ablaze. The Bauchi State Police spokesperson, DSP Haruna Mohammed […]
    sharia unveiled
  • Jerusalem,Y’israel: Muslims Throw Stones at Jews and Christians From the Temple Mount on Easter Sunday 04/21/2014
      by, AP | The Garden Island | h/t Trop JERUSALEM, Y’isreal (AP) — Israeli police entered the compound of Jerusalem’s holiest site to disperse Palestinians who were throwing rocks at them on Sunday, as thousands of tourists packed the Old City for the Easter and Passover holidays. The compound, known to Jews as the […]
    sharia unveiled
  • Lahore,Pakistan: Muslim Murders a Christian Boy for Refusing to Convert to Islam 04/21/2014
      by, Pakistan Christian Post | h/t Halal Pork Shop LAHORE, Pakistan:  Haroon, alias Sunny, aged 22, was murdered by a Muslim colleague who shot him dead on April 16, 2014. He had recently started work at an Islamic Center in Lahore as a sweeper, where he worked alongside Muslim security guard Umer Farooq. Farooq […]
    sharia unveiled

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