Maitreya World Apostasy Watch

Updated Apostacy Watch Information
by Chase Hunter 01.09.2010

The Face of Jesus As Imaged from the Shroud of Turin

I have always felt personally that human beings need to transcend “organized religion” and religious belief systems in order to actually experience the fact of being a part of the Presence of God.

[ My recent experience with a very hypocritical official "Christian" website just brings that feeling home to roost again.]

To cultivate a personal relationship with God as one understands him/her to be is now the most imperative need in the spiritual existence of any human being alive upon this world at this time.

niagara falls

I am warning the world through my prophecies, predictions and my blog networks of what will soon come if human hearts do not turn their backs on evil as a way of life and turn their souls toward God for help.

“Just as you can’t put Niagara Falls in a coffee can,you also cannot record the Infinite Mind of God into any one text. Yet we have in the New Testament of the Holy Bible a body of prophetic works that indicate that Jesus knew 2,000 years ago in astonishing detail, what life would be like today – in our time period. Only a visionary and prophet of staggering spiritual abilities could see such details of our world situation 2,000 years in advance. It sets Nostradamus aside completely as the Seer of note for our generation. It was Jesus, not Nostradamus, who clearly foresaw in exact detail what humankind would be living through in the final hours of her 3rd dimensional existence.”

I am a devout follower of Jesus Christ, but I do not believe that most modern day churches have captured the actual Spirit or the Essence of the Life and Teachings of Jesus. I follow Jesus on the Ascension Path, yet I choose to stay away from most all “organized religiosity, churches, denominations, and official organizations” for very good reasons.

NEVER allow any soul or any organization, or a televised propaganda program disguised as education or entertainment try to convince you by force, duress, intellectual pressure or spiritual pressure of any kind, that you must join some sort of human organization in order to gain Eternal Life.

The world is abounding in cults and would-be cult leaders, including those who say they are “Christians”  who tacitly desire in this vulnerable time to enslave the soul of humankind with  a plethora of confusing false doctrines.

cloudburstThe Heavenly Father and His Divine Son are the ture bestowers of life eternal, not the human mechinations of corrupted earthly organized religiosity.

Our country was founded on the fundamental premise of one’s freedom to worship as one feels spiritually inwardly directed to do, not on the premise that we must accept a religion that is being endorsed by globalists and forced upon against our wills.

These “religiosity by force” tactics come right from the Father of Lies. You can walk with God in privacy and solitude, take highly advanced spiritual instruction from within, gain complete communion within of the highest spiritual incarnate state, without ever once setting foot inside the halls of “official” religiosity on this world. I bear witness and I KNOW whereof I speak. Let no man mislead your soul.
Each religion I have studied has presented a piece of the truth, a part of the greater picture, but not the complete story. This includes the Urantia Book, which contains the most detailed set of Heavenly archives put forth in partial form for humankind’s examination to date, regarding the true spiritual history of this world.

But even the Urantia Book is only a partial historical record.

The Urantia Book is the 5th Epochal Revelation for the 1000 Year Millenium ReignThe Urantia Book is the 5th Epochal Revelation for the 1000 Year Millenium Reign

For Those False Christs Who Would Try to Steal the 5th Epochal Revelation of Truth to Usurp It ForTheir Own Ends – A Warning….

Aggressive ambitious evil men (and women) – when confronted with the awe inspiring contents of the Urantia Papers, are inevitably inclined to try to find a way to [ usurp] or “make the papers their own.” The Urantia Papers are a gift to evolving humankind from Uversa, at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, where the seat of our Super-Universe governance is located for our Galaxy. (The proper name for our Milky Way galaxy in the language of Uversa is Orvonton.)

Why have only partial spiritual records been released to humankind
from higher Heavenly authorities like the Ancient of Days?

The answer is actually quite simple. Until the Apostasy, (the present era of the Antichrist) is over, no religion, no religious text, no body of spiritual work on earth is safe from being USURPED by a rising Apostate for his own purposes in attempting to fool the world and literally pretend to be Christ, or even worse, proclaim to be God. For an ungodly being to pretend to be God, to proclaim himself to actually be The Supreme Being, or any other combination of achieved Deity, is called The Abomination of Desolation and will be a sign that this individual might be the Final Antichrist.

Already since the Urantia book’s first printing in 1955 numerous deranged unstable and aggressive individuals have formed personal or collective cults around the papers, such as Gabriel of Sedona’s compound in Sedona Arizona. He was publicly exposed as a spiritual counterfeit during an undercover investigative news report in the late 1990s. He has more than anything else, used the Urantia Papers as a stepping stone to gain wealth for he and his family, and to affiliate the papers with his own mediocre auto-biographical spiritual texts.

Seeing examples such as the above,we should watch for new and more aggressive usurpers of the Urantia Book who try to align ungodly regimes with these papers, robbing the world of the deeper understanding which will come from their examination of this profound and significant spiritual body of knowledge. Once souls of true spiritual faith spot and identify a counterfeit world sovereign, they will recoil from any body of knowledge he attempts to present to the world as a Revelation of Truth.

We cannot allow the Urantia Papers to become affiliated with an Apostate counterfeit world sovereign. Share what you learn here with others. This could corrupt the gift of the Urantia papers in our generation and delay the world mission of the book to uplift and elevate humankind’s present biblical understanding of their spiritual history. Soon, after the apostasy period is over, we will enter the emerging era of Light and Life and Jesus HImself will return to teach humankind.

The Final Antichrist will attempt to steal the Urantia Book from
the people of this world and make the papers HIS OWN.

Watch for events & individuals associated with the re-building of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. Watch for events & individuals associated with the re-building of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Devout Christians should watch for news regarding the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

The plans are already being made. Watch the main financiers. Watch for the man who will make loud proclamations that he is actually an incarnation of the Universal Father as he takes possession of the rebuilt temple. His counterfeit claim will be technically literally impossible, as only the Divine Order of the Creator Sons – like our own Jesus of Nazareth – know and are ordained in Eternity to periodically enact upon the secret incarnation technique which culiminates in achieving the spiritual state described as: “I and the Father ARE ONE” – replete Divine embodiment – the perfect union of the human and the Divine. If you examine the life and lifestule of Supriem D. Rockefeller you will quickly see that he is, in fact, not a spiritual being at all, but yet another ambitious power hungry man – a mere mortal – a spiritual counterfeit who mouthes false proclamations, like the original Father of Lies who inspired him so long ago.

Jesus of Nazareth’s flesh incarnation on Earth was, in contrast, an absolute Holy and God ordained Divine Bestowal. He remained celibate and chaste for the duration of his mortal life; he never knew a woman; he DID NOT marry in secret and leave behind offsrping, (another illuminati lie) and his personal spiritual attainment as a Divine Being and as a human being during his short life surpassed any level which had ever been attained by any being on earth before or since. That is why he could say with authority:

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

I bear witness in eternity to the truth of these statements and I know whereof I speak. – CKH

The ignorance of humankind pertaining to these subjects is now greatly retarding the spiritual progress of an entire planetary population, which is, in turn, retarding the forward progress of rehabilitating the local system in which the rearth resides. Humankind’s ignorance and lack of proper spiritual education and training regarding subjects such as this now also jeopardizes the spiritual safety of the world population as well.

The preposterous blasphemous claims which will be made by the final Antichrist cannot be contested if they cannot be understood.

Be about the business of enlarging your spiritual understanding in great haste for the hour is late on planet earth. - CKH Humankind needs to be about the business of thoroughly examining the sacred text of the Urantia Book, hand in hand with their Holy Bibles, and cross referencing both, in great haste, if there is to be any hope at all of withstanding and standing against such an outrageous narcissistic final global apostasy.

It does not matter what one’s spiritual origins are. The Urantia Book is not a religion. It is an advanced educational Jesusonian and Christian spiritual text – scientfically and spiritually accurate, for our present generation to use to advance their biblical understanding of the deeper spiritual history of the world upon which they live. The Urantia Book is also a priceless reference tool for Bible students to use for further enlarging their present comprehension of what Deity actually is, and what Deity – IS NOT. For orthodox Christian theologians to continue to rail against and ignore the great advanced spiritual truths contained within this book is to entertain calamity for themselves, their congregations and the world as Apostasy now fast approaches, but is still veiled from pubic view. (7.26.2009)

Watch for the blasphemy to begin even before the rebuilt temple is complete.

He most likely will also claim some credit for either authoring the papers, or make an aggressive attempt to literally buy the Urantia Foundation
, by donating obscene amounts of money to the non-profit, procuring positions of authority on their board by proxy. The good men and women who run the Urantia Foundation were warned long ago about what to watch for. They are well aware of what is afoot on this world at this late hour, at the end of this current dispensation.

I would add that incarnate representatives of the Ancient of Days lll are positioned everywhere all over the earth at this time. Spiritual Intelligence reports are passed to Uversa 3 times for every 24 hour cycle. There is literally nothing that is hidden from those who perform the Avonal magisterial functions on behalf of the Creator Son for this current dispensation. The house of Avonal has been serving the Ancients of Days and the Order of the Creator Sons in all seven super-universes for over one half trillion years of Uversa standard time.

That might give the reader a clue as to how far off the present scientific dating of the age of the universe is by earth scientists. The Greater Universe Creation is literally thousands of times older than 14 billion years. But I digress. The representatives for the Ancient of Days (both incarnate and in Spirit) already know who all the contenders for the final apostasy are, and what they are planning.

From the magisterial point of view, these covert planners of global conquest and world apostasy are already spiritually dead. Thus they are literally dead men walking. When one fast forwards – so to speak – to approximately 5,000 years into the future, their records of existence are nowhere to be found. They have – at that point – ceased to exist, along with all their bloodline counterparts and affiliates. Entire species of creatures have been spiritually exterminated from existence throughout Orvonton (our Milky Way galaxy).

They have been passed through the Second Death. God’s justice has already been rendered. The alien reptoid insurgency and it’s fraudulent alliances, such as the Allied Union, is already over. We are simply observing the record of it’s activity in the recent past and collecting those records for the Uversa archives.

Who ever should proceed to form an Allied Union against the will and wishes of the greater human population, and set forth intentions to create a high technology global fascist state, is simply marching into eternal oblivion in so doing. Let them, then, march on to their eternal extermination in their ignorance of Universal Law.

It will not matter one whit in 50 years, 100 years, 500 years, or 1000 years that they even existed at all and tried to steal this world from her people. Very few who pass through Uversa on the Paradise journey will be interested in looking up their miserable short lived records of attempts at world domination under the many counterfeit titles which they will claim. The case is already closed – CKH

Allow the holy Spirit to show you how to proceed.


8 thoughts on “Maitreya World Apostasy Watch

  1. Is it possible that the Anti-Christ is not a singular person but those that deny Jesus of Nazereth and His living a life of devotion to the Father’s Will??


    Posted by Rick Keegan | 01/11/2010, 1:03 am
    • Both are true in my opinion. I do see the spirit of “antichrist” manifesting everywhere in our culture now here in the west, and the illuminati owned and controlled western secular media encourages this constant negation and dismissing of the essense of the reality of Jesus of Nazareth’s life on earth as a uniquely manifesting human being and Divine Being as One. The Urantia Book refers to His unique spiritual manifestion as the “union of the human and the Divine” – studying His life I see that and bear witness to His Divinity as the FAther’s Son.

      When I refer to the “spirit of antichrist” I speak of the general popular secular disposition going around in American culture at this time of a growing hatred and loathing of all things Christlike.

      Yet I also know in my own soul, through the ministry and help of the Holy Spirit that the World Apostate (antichrist) will be a man as well… and I believe in the Book of Revelations scriptural prediction that 666 is also the number of a man.

      Maitreya’s name adds to 666 in at least 3 of the 5 classical sacred languages. Disturbing, huh? Especially when you read his biography, study the bizarre ad campaign they are pushing out ahead of him – just like they did with Obama – and note that he is really going after the affiliation with the false signs and wonders which are now appearing everywhere.

      Interstingly, in the Muslim world, many miracles are manifesting as well. I do not know what this means but I am trying to learn all I can about it.

      I believe that popular western secular media would encourage confused souls who longing for truth, and other “falling away” Christians that there is no real Antichrist. They want Christians to believe that the Roman ruler NERO was him. You will see TV shows about this all the time. I believe this teaching about Nero is a false teaching and a deep deception.

      I do not profess to be an expert Bible scholar, but I know what my soul is telling me.

      I watched how a lost and spiritually hungry nation embraced Obama as a political and cultural messiah, when he has no credentials as a true Spirit Led Avatar of any sort, he is a college professor and neophte senator, not qualified for high office in any way at all in my humble opinion. Just look at his first year. Yet he willingly took on the title “messiah” with no argument, and he never disputed the personal adulation and worshipful attitude those 2008 throngs threw at him. It bothered me deeply to watch what unfolded in 2008 and I have written about it alot. If yu want more links email me.

      I just posted some of the Islamic signs of their long awaited Dark Messiah on this blog tonite, popularly referred to as the Imam Mahdi. Gruesome stuff and again, disturbing. Jesus told us 2,000 years ago it would be this way in the end.

      “…Lo here is the Christ, and there is the Christ…” etc. in the New Testament. Every single thing he described to His disciples 2000 years ago about ur day and age is coming to pass before our eyes.

      It’s not Nostradamus who is the visionary and seer who was the most accurate. It was Jesus, who lived 1500 years earlier than him. His powers to see that far into the future from a simple jewish carpenter’s rural village life in Nazareth seeing 2,000 years into the future makes his Divine powers of predicting the future the most staggering evidence yet of His true Divinity. It just blows me away. Jesus was the real deal, which is more than I can say for any of the other false Christs and pretenders who abound

      . Guard your soul in these times. Thanks so much for your visit and comments.


      links to read:











      Posted by CK Hunter | 01/11/2010, 7:04 am
  2. Chase Hunter: According to “I would add that incarnate representatives of the Ancient of Days lll are positioned everywhere all over the earth at this time.” Please, contact me! I have found out something that I need to discuss with you, since I know that you know… ;-) Good toughts, Athanea


    Posted by Athanea | 02/02/2010, 4:12 pm
  3. great job on this site. i agree with you on many levels. praise be to God.


    Posted by april showalter | 06/09/2010, 3:18 am
  4. An ancient dark Black prophecy disgraced pope benedict into resigning. He saw it was time to get out before the Antichrist prophecy is fulfilled.


    Posted by Michael | 07/29/2013, 4:53 am
  5. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes that will make the biggest changes. Thanks for sharing!


    Posted by Silvia | 09/03/2013, 3:11 pm


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