2010 Maitreya TV Non-Event

Maitreya TV Interview Was A Non-Event

Maitreya the Antichrist

The search term: “Maitreya Antichrist” has become very popular on this and other blogs I run, so here are some of the most popular articles and essays on the subject below this post.

If you are trying to understand just what the controversy is all about, [ for example, why a global TV interview with Maitreya was announced by Share International months and months in advance last year, and even going back to 2008, and promoted ad nauseam with glossy TV spots, which aired on CNN, and FOX, and then apparently the big interview was given "in secret" on obscure TV outlets with another man, who is rmored possibly to have been economist and author Raj Patel. Patel  is not the same man who is pictured on the Share International website as being Maitreya ],  then you should spend some time on this blog and also do your own research.

This blog was started to record and documents each new Maitreya fraud as it takes place: you are here:http://333crucible.wordpress.com

This subject has become important because numerous dangerous and deadly cults of false religions have risen up around strange charismatic, pseudo-mystical and non-religious figures in the last 30 years. Several of those cults eventually grew in size to such enormous proportions that their illegal and unscrupulous tactics for gaining members and dollars cost people their sanity and even their lives. The ongoing evil, which is well documented, and the abject fraud of The Church of Scientology comes to mind as just one of these many recent destructive modern cults. Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate and Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s Church Universal and Triumphant are some others.

Any time a man is announced by a public relations agent as the “Second Coming of Christ, and World Teacher to all religions” we should stand aside and look a little bit deeper.

That’s a lofty claim. If it were true, no global ad campaign would be needed to support it, for it would be overwhelmingly self evident, intrinsic to the innate Divinity of the man and his personage. For example, Jesus of Nazareth’s 12 disciples called him “Master’ unbidden. He never asked them to. He did not have to. His Divinity and His deep and pure holiness, His closeness to the Father ["I and the Father Are One"]  and gentle but deep spiritual power for good emanated from him, and their souls all recognized it,thus  referring to him as “Master.”

We live in a high tech modern age where anything can be sold as anything with high voltage TV spots, talk radio, the web, and public meetings and confernces.Very disturbing things have been witnessed and documented by devout Christians who have attended Maitreya’s conferences organized and led by British Theosophist and PR man Benjamin Creme.

Witness the spectacle in 2008 of “Obama Mania”, which quickly morphed into Obama Worship, culminating finally in “Obama the Messiah”. Does he still seem like a Messiah to his “devotees” now? I believe mere mortal would be the more appropriate appellation at this point. We run the risk of incurring blasphemy against the Holy Spirit when we elevate those who are mortal men to an undeserved and unearned “Divine” status. Allow the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth to reveal to you who and what is holy and divine on this world through devout prayer and reflection.  Don’t depend on an advertising campaign and a TV set for that. The television is not a God, and most often more lies emerge from it than deeper spiritual truth.

If the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, then the true discernment of the Spirit if also. I believe that is the right direction to take in understanding the great falling away which is now occurring on this world.

Chase Hunter


Maitreya research which appears on several of my blogs includes:

“Maitreya’s” TV Interview Was A No Show! The Value of Nothing


The Value of Nothing: The Cowardly Act of Hiding “Maitreya’s” Supposed TV Interview Using Bait and Switch Advertising Fraud
See:  http://www.simedia.org/new/pr/Maitreya-Steps-Forward.pdf
Let’s say that a PR and advertising man had been given the job of trying to promote a man who was destined to be one of the most reviled and despised individuals in human history, since [...]

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“The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You.” Jesus of Nazareth


Did Jesus Predict the Great Earthquakes of Our Age & A Culminating Pole Shift?


01.18.2010 By Chase Hunter, with supporting quotations from an anonymous Christian writer on the web.
Another site author writes:
“If earthquakes are not on the increase, then what shall we make of the biblical evidence that earthquakes will increase in the last days? As noted above, Hal Lindsey says that earthquakes will continue to increase “just as [...]

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Prophet & Shaman Chase Hunter Warns: “Advent of the Antichrist” is Beginning


I am writing this essay to warn the world about what is about to occur in 2010.
The world apostasy known in Christian circles as the “advent of the Antichrist” is beginning. People who learn the truth must discreetly warn others that Maitreya will attempt to “pose as the return of Christ” on a world [...]

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Will the REAL Second Coming Occur In Our Lifetimes? Chase Hunter Makes An Astounding Prediction


Now that 2010 has arrived, spiritually awakened truthseekers around the world should be watching for these emerging global apostasy end times related events:

>> The international introduction of the global new world order illuminati Antichrist and new age false Messiah “Maitreya”, who is based in London and promoted by PR man Benjamin Creme.  Study the videos [...]

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Antichrist Maitreya commercial airing on CNN


Antichrist Maitreya commercial airing on CNN

The real Jesus would NEVER need to advertise, or use blue beam technology to fake his own Second Coming. This fraud will experience the Second Death for what he is trying to do. Share this video with other Christians.

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The Woman Who Intimidated the Antichrist


The Woman Who Intimidated the Antichrist: Kathleen Keating on Coast to Coast Am Radio, Interviewed By Art Bell on March 5th 2001
This historic radio interview is segmented into 12 parts. The playlist should play all 12 in sequence. Set aside a quiet time, with a couple of hours to yourself, without kids, elders or teens [...]

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Author Kathleen Keating’s Book “Final Warning” Exposed Fraud Maitreya More Than 10 Years Ago!


The Woman Who Intimidated the Antichrist: Kathleen Keating on Coast to Coast Am Radio, Interviewed By Art Bell on March 5th 2000
This historic radio interview is segmented into 12 parts. The playlist should play all 12 in sequence. Set aside a quiet time, with a couple of hours to yourself, without kids, elders or teens [...]

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2009 Patriot News Links Archive: Obamanation Chronicled


Petition to Block Congressional Acts Against Freedom of Speech and Press:

Read and Sign the petition here:

National PSY-OP Alert: NWO Intends to Re-frame our Memories of 9-11 – MUST READ information

Brilliant Video By Dr. Horowitz Exposes the Swine Flu Hoax – MUST SEE, MUST SHARE Vide

Obama Birth Fraud Deepens: He is 52 [...]

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Chase Hunter’s Warning to the Many False Christs of the Last Days


Updated Apostacy Watch Information
by Chase Hunter 01.09.2010

I have always felt personally that human beings need to transcend organized religion and religious belief systems in order to actually experience the fact of being a part of the Presence of God. To cultivate a personal relationship with God as one understands him/her to be [...]

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East Indian Yogi Proclaims “Maitreya” the Return of Christ to His Followers – Global Apostasy Begins


2012: The Coming of the Kalki Maitreya Avatar, Four Horsemen, Second Advent of the Christ (Antichrist Apostasy warning)

A Maitreya devotee predicts his world appearance on or before 2012. Guard your soul as you listen. This is the beginning of absolute blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and the advent of the final [...]

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C2C Vintage Radio Interview w/ Kathleen Keating RE Maitreya May 25th 2000 Pt1


C2C – Kathleen Keating – May 25th 2000 Pt1

Historic radio interview with Kathleen Keating indicates there will be some sort of limited pole shift, as well as the clear indication that Maitreya is the final Antichrist. MUST LISTENING. Pass this along to those you love – it’s a 4 part video [...]

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2010 Apostasy Watch: New Age Antichrist Maitreya Will Be Running Advertisements on International & USA TV Networks Soon


All I have to say is this:  If someone needed unequivocal solid proof that Maitreya IS NOT Jesus Christ, just observe the following video.
When my real King of Kings returns, He will not need to run TV advertisements to try to convince the world of who and what He is.
The second video is a very [...]

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Maitreya Followers & Researchers Tell of Imminent Maitreya TV Interview


I am posting these videos for research and study purposes for the worldwide Christian community to use in their studies, as we work to expose the fraud which is Maitreya. I am not a Maitreya supporter, quite the contrary. See the front page of this blog for more details on the Antichrist Maitreya.
See also http://2012poleshift.wetpaint.com

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Benjamin Creme talks to George Noory and makes him sick! Antichrist = Maitreya


Benjamin Creme talks to George Noory and makes him physically sick! Listeners were sickened too.
Antichrist = Maitreya

Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season. I have just posted a new original essay of prophesy, predictions and an expose’ on Antichrist figure Maitreya and his desperate affiliation with the Norway Spiral [...]

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Maitreya the Antichrist


Maitreya the Antichrist

Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season. I have just posted a new original essay of prophesy, predictions and an expose’ on Antichrist figure Maitreya and his desperate affiliation with the Norway Spiral to try to affiliate himself with this false sign. Please visit the front page of [...]

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HAARP Project Blue beam – “The Lie”, Lord Maitreya: The Antichrist


Project Blue beam – “The Lie”, Lord Maitreya-The Antichrist
I had written numerous essays in the past five years warning about imminent movements to come from Apostate Anti-Christ figure Maitreya who resides in London – I believe this may be the beginning of that first movement. – ckh

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News & Video Mashup from Summer 2009


This video link below is an example of the kind of disinformation and mainstream Obama-ganda being broadcast on network news to try to discredit the truth movement and patriot movement. The authentic well informed outrage of middle America toward a fascist regime in Washington is being painted as “racist” (again) to try to silence genuine [...]

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Chase Hunter: Popular Essays At A Glance


My Call for Global Awakening Continues http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/ckh-historic-essay/
Consumerism:  My Recent Visit to a Local Shopping  Mall http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/consumerism/
While You Watched TV, They RFID Chipped Your Nikes http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/while-you-watched-tv-they-rfid-chipped-your-nikes/
Eyes Wide Open Is A State of Mind – August 09 Feature Essay http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/eyes-wide-open-continues/
How NOT to Blog – How NOT To Get Sent to Jail http://alligatorfarm.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/nonviolence-commonsense/
Emergency Preparedness: 10 Essentials Everyone Should Have [...]

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Maitreya: False Signs & Wonders


Daily Breaking News Headlines from Alligator Farm
Apostasy Antichrist Watch: Iran prepares for the advent of their long awaited “Mhadi”
Article Excerpt – see link above:
“The Bible abounds with proofs that the Antichrist’s empire will consist only of nations that are, today, Islamic,” says Richardson. “Despite the numerous prevailing arguments for the emergence of a revived [...]

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Maitreya Dossier of Research part 1 of 2
Reader take note: I AM NOT a supporter of Maitreya. I present these videos as a dossier of research for progresive and traditional Christains, as I consider the figure Maitreya to be one of the top 3 contenders to fulfill the Apostasy which Christians [...]

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Maitreya’s False Signs & Wonders Begin


Benjamin Creme talks about the ’star’

Maitreya’s False Signs & Wonders Begin: Dec 19 2008 News Story
As contenders for “world apostate prince” go, the man who will soon call himself “Maitreya” on live TV globalcasts is in my top three.
I have been following and researching “Maitreya” since the late 1980s, when he [...]

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New American Stampedes Are A Signpost


Have you ever observed wild animals stampeding?  Everyone is quietly grazing. Some real or imagined threat is discerned. A grazing head pops up, stares at the source of the threat intently, makes a visceral instinctive non-thinking decision, then bolts. The herd detects that the alarm has sounded, and they all follow suit, careening in every [...]

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Daily Breaking News Headlines from Alligator Farm
(Video) Did Jesus Give Us the Name of the Antichrist?

Essay By Chase Hunter  – Updated 7.26.2009

“Just as you can’t put Niagara Falls in a coffee can, you also cannot record the Infinite Mind of God into any one written text. [...]

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The Value of Nothing: The Cowardly Act of Hiding “Maitreya’s” Supposed TV Interview Using Bait and Switch Advertising Fraud

See:  http://www.simedia.org/new/pr/Maitreya-Steps-Forward.pdf

Let’s say that a PR and advertising man had been given the job of trying to promote a man who was destined to be one of the most reviled and despised individuals in human history, since the times of Christ some 2,000 years ago, a man whose name adds to 666 in at least 3 sacred languages, a man whom Christians have been taught is the “Antichrist” – the final Imposter, the Son of Perdition, the Man of Sin.

And lets’ say this man has already demonstrated his absolute narcissism and disdainful hubris years earlier by proclaiming, ahead of time, in fact, nearly 30 years ahead of time, back in 1982, in variously tacit ways, that he is the Second Coming of Christ, and all things to all world religions, setting the stage for some sort of grand display of himself to the world at a future date in his first world appearance.

Twenty five or thirty years passes by. When the much baly-hooed event finally takes place, after glossy TV spots with emotive music have aired on CNN, and youtube has been plastered with videos of the now [ confirmed artificial HAARP blue beam holographic ] “stars” – including the recent Norway Spiral, and the time finally comes for this man of all men to give his first TV interview.

What do you suppose might happen? I will tell you what happened.

The Value of Nothing happened.

The TV interview was a non-event.

In fact, truth researchers everywhere have looked high and low for any sign that any actual TV interview took place featuring the man shown in photos on the Share International website as being “Maitreya” and that interview is nowhere to be found – in any country, much less in America, [ which, by the way IS STILL a Christian nation.]

What was sold to the world instead was a manic, stuttering,  youngish  east indian author and economist named Raj Patel (not sure about that spelling) who was recently being passed off as the secret “Maitreya.”

Raj Patel IS NOT the same man who is pictured on the Share International website, thus the value of nothing.

I am convinced now more than ever – judging from these above described manuevers and bluffs, and the bait and switch approach to introducing “someone” to the world, that the spiritual fraud about this man Maitreya is getting worse by the minute.

The actual news release pertaining to the “interview that never was” is buried deep on a Share International sister website, and the url which purports to actually show the TV interview is embedded in a PDF so that it cannot be clicked on.

What are these people hiding? Creme has announced and advertised and shouted and lectured about the greatest horse race since Seabiscuit for more than 25 years now, and they have yet to produce a race horse: “Maitreya.”

Instead they slithered around the edges of the world media and pretended to give an interview, using an entirely different individual.


Something smells rotten over at Share International. If it walks like a hoax, and talks like a hoax, and smells like a hoax, I believe it is a HOAX, and that would indeed give us the value of nothing.

Chase Hunter


What Other Truth Researchers Have to Say:


About “The Divine Imperative”

“The Divine Imperative” simply means the sense of an urgent need to address within one’s inner self all which is truly of God and His vast Heavenly realms in every sense of the word. The world is reeling from the non-stop onslaught of intentionally misleading hedonistic, decadent and deceptive false spiritual teachings during this time of crisis in the soul of humanity. Added to that, daily advertisements in every city across the globe spew forth the filth of the lower astral 4th dimensional plane into people’s homes, cars, workplace, cell phones, covering the landscape with every distraction one could imagine. This is by the design of those who have usurped this world and ruled it in a wicked and Godless manner. Popular writers call these men and women the illuminati, the new world order, or the hidden global elite. Their souls fell with Lucifer 200,000 years ago. They follow him still today.

Thus, it is now a Divine Imperative that all souls of Light who love God, adore and worship His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, the TRUE King of Kings, the Creator Son of our local universe creation, should now begin to step away from these darkening urban landscapes (which may soon fall under martial law), gather their families and friends, and discreetly retreat into the peace and tranquility of small uncorrupted rural villages, to be closer to nature, creating quiet close-knit non-denominational “Intentional Communities of the Spirit”, where the leadings of the Spirit of Truth can bring them into a deeper awareness of their own inner potential Divinity. Personal self sufficiency is now of the utmost importance and there is little time left to prepare for the hard days of tribulation to come.

Every fallen man and woman who is still living by the secular Godless media’s subconscious programming commands, (also known as TV “programs”) has a window of opportunity to turn their back on an inverting,  satanic, media driven con$umer existence, and begin to make the right spiritual choices. There is still time for them to restore their soul’s good standing in God’s infinite creation.

That window will soon begin to close after 2012-2015. We are living in the era of the Divine Imperative. If America fails to seek God’s Will en masse, as a nation, in these next seven to ten years, karmic catastrophe may ensue. Should humankind as a whole fail to seek the spiritual realities of God’s Creation in sufficient numbers in the next seven to ten years, humankind’s soul harvest of Christ-indwelt souls of Light will be so small that horrendous earth changes, abominations, plagues and natural disasters may befall the entire human population, harming the good along with the evil.

The earth herself will then begin to slough off the weight of negative human karma and shake herself to rid the planet of the massive negative charge that will have built up by that time. This is the secret spiritual actuality behind the hard science of any imminent pole shift. There is no conflict whatsoever bewteen true spiritual realities and modern science, only ignorance and misunderstanding of God’s laws prohibiting correct compehension.

The judgment of a world at the close of a 500,000 year dispensation (also known as an era) depends greatly upon the collective soul choices of the entire world species mortal population. If too few mortal souls make the right final spiritual choices for their soul survival, that world’s future may lie in real jeopardy. This is the origin of the Christian teaching and prophecy about the “End of the World.”

Knowing this, if you love God, then seek the advanced new millennial truth about His Heavenly Creation with all your heart, soul and mind, study it right along side your regular Christian Bible studies, enlarging your present understanding of scripture. Let no further distraction keep you from discovering the profound beauty of your own inner Spirit Led journey as you progress toward the Isle of Paradise in Eternity, which is known in your earthly religious traditions as “Heaven”.

By Chase Hunter



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16 thoughts on “2010 Maitreya TV Non-Event

  1. Chase – when you write that “it would be overwhelmingly self evident, intrinsic to the innate Divinity of the man and his personage” and you give the example of Jesus, why was it then that The Jews did not recognise Him as their Messiah? Why did they then persecute Him and Crucify Him?


    Posted by Michael | 01/30/2010, 12:14 am
    • I suppose I should clarify by saying that “it would be overwhelmingly self evident to those with the spiritual eyes to see”…

      The expectant and downtrodden occupied jewish people of jesus day and time became trapped within the confines of their own earlier prophecies concerning a “national deliverer of the Jews” and could not see beyond the racial needs of their people at that time. Jesus had come to teach all humanity of the living truth and actuality of the Presence of God, and much more.

      But the Sanherdin priesthood of that day was deeply corrupt and held absolute spiritual power and authority in the region, answering only to their occupiers, which were the Romans. They saw Jesus as a grave threat to that power structure and plotted against him in secret to make sure he was convicted for being referred to as the “King of the Jews” by the confused jewish nation. This event – the jews rejecting jesus – was a fiasco for the earth and her spiritual advancement.

      It was one of the greatest tragedies of all world spiritual history, when the Jewish religious leaders of the day refused to recognize and support Jesus. The karma that it brought upon the jewish people took hundreds of years to clear.

      I have an advanced text that I like to refer to in aiding and clarifying Bible readings, as the Bible was altered some 32 times in its history and much has been removed. Now some Christians have attacked me with full force for this, but it is only out of ignorance and fear. Study aids are not evil when they are brought to one’s attention by the hand of the hlsy Spirit. I use the Urantia Book as a Bible study aid and it has transformed my spiritual comprehension of the true hidden secrets of the real spiritual history of this world.

      Here are some links if you are interested:





      Posted by Day | 01/30/2010, 5:05 am
  2. Who’s passing Raj Patel off as Maitreya? I saw him on the Colbert Report, and its obvious to me he is not some Messiah. So who is making this stupid claim?



    Posted by Michael | 01/30/2010, 12:18 am
    • The rumour was let loose on the web and allowed to flourish as Creme will not produce a definitive TV interview with Maitreya and post it on his site. He is trying to save face, I intuit, becuase the original “Maitreya” may have actually backed out or aged out. Public documents found on the original maitreya.org website indicate the first “Maitreya” had serious misgivings about the ascended masters teachings, the “how he arrived in London” myth and a score of other issues including Creme himself. I’m not sure you are aware of this, but when you trace back the original genesis of the ascended masters teachings in the west, you arrive at Madame Blavatsky from Russia, who was so fond of Lucifer she dedicated a magazine to him in London in 1888. When she spoke repeatedly about being taught by her “master” she was not in fact – referring to morya and kuthumi – who are fiction – but the father of lies himself. That is what I have gleaned to date from my investigatio into it – just an fyi.

      Creme has been at this trumpet blowing for over 25 years now. I began to follow it with interest when I was still a very young woman. What bothred me most is that on his blog Raj Patel seemed to be enjoying the whole thing, but fed the myth by posting a large prominent photo of Maitreya on is blog. WTF??? That’s not helping.

      Let’s keep watch and see what or who they trot out next. To me, it wreaks of lies and fraud, and a mockery of all things sacred to all people to treat this outlandish claim in this manner.



      Posted by Day | 01/30/2010, 4:45 am
  3. So its all a Hoax-Thank God for that. There is no Maitreya, just an attempt to sell books for Raj Patel.

    That’s alot of effort from Benjamin Creme – 30 years of lecturing the world, writing books, using Haarp Technology etc just to sell books for Raj Patel.


    Posted by Michael | 01/30/2010, 12:22 am
    • My point exactly … where is the so-called tv interview? Another commenter wanted to know the same thing. Why all the hush hush secrecy. What is there to hide if this world teacher is real? For me, on a deep spiritual gut level, the whole thing wreaks of fraud. It left more questions than answers and it scarred the credibility of Maitreya even more.

      Using an ad campaign to promote a second coming many find laughable and just desperately sad.



      Posted by Day | 01/30/2010, 4:35 am


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      by, LIGNET | Voice of America The Nigerian terrorists who kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls and sparked a worldwide demand for their release have agreed to free their captives, Nigerian officials said Friday. The shadowy Boko Haram terrorist group “assured [us] that the schoolgirls and all other people in their captivity are alive and well,” Mike […] […]
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  • Muhammad and Islam’s Sex Slaves 10/18/2014
      by, Raymond Ibrahim | Middle East Forum Once again, Islamic State Muslims are pointing to Islam in order to justify what the civilized world counts as atrocities. According to an October 13 report in the Telegraph, Islamic State jihadists have given detailed theological reasons justifying why they have taken thousands of women from the […]
    sharia unveiled

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