The Great Lie Concerning “Ascended Masters”

Exposing the Many Lies About “Ascended Masters,” “Materializing Bodies” and Other End Times False Spiritual Teachings & Counterfeit Spiritual Movements

Every devout Christian should examine the document which follows my essay below. The Christian writer does a good job of exposing the PR man Benjamin Creme and his many outrageous fraudulent claims regarding Maitreya’s origins.  Among many things, the notion of some sort of supernatural origin of the incarnation of the man who calls himself “Maitreya” has been put forth by “mouthpiece of the Beast” Benjamin Creme. These fairy tales are just that – tall tales designed by Creme to try to create an aura of supernatural mystery about Maitreya. They are a  total fabrication.

Benjamin Creme’s Maitreya PR machine, apparently, has more than a few serious flaws in it, the main one being, the existence of a detailed biography about where Maitreya was actually born, written by one of his own devotees, which utterly conflicts with the laughable “supernatural origins” story cited as reference  in the article below. The devotee who wrote “Maitreya’s” life story identifies who his parents were / are, the locale of his birth, his education, his incessant dabbling in every new age religion he could find, and so on. It’s not a necessarily pretty picture, although it does foretell that he has long intended to attempt to make some sort of unifying new age global theology $mashup$ out of the many diverse religions of the world.

New age guru [now deceased] Elizabeth Claire Prophet tried to do the same thing between 1984 and 1995. She was eventually widely discredited as the “mouthpiece for the Ascended Masters” in 1994 by Time magazine when she tried to predict the nuclear end of the world by the mid 1990s. She was deranged by Alzheimer’s toward the end. Her now greatly discredited organization is still hawking misleading spiritual half truth and related merchandise on the web. Her movement may have been somewhat sincere in the beginning, but in the it the became the epitome of true SPIRITUAL  MATERIALISM.

“You Will Know Them By Their Fruits.”

Claire Prophet’s new age church, which she claimed was the only spiritual church in the world which was actually sponsored by the “Ascended Masters” aka the “Masters of Wisdom”, finally splintered into 3 or 4 different aggressively competing sects in the early and mid 1990s.  Her own children left her church and her son who lives in L.A. is an avowed atheist, due to what he was subjected to as a child through her false spiritual teachings. The sheer ferocity with which her former disciples cleaned out the carcass of what was left of her original movement after she fell into ill repute, was both revolting and telling. There was a great deal of overt, not hidden, evil and pure greed evident in what took place in Claire Prophet’s “Ascended Masters” sponsored movement. Her cult was not dissimilar to Scientology in tone. I have no doubt the world will witness something just as unpleasant and distasteful to document once the Maitreya fraud begins imploding in full view of the world public.

So much for the numerous modern mouthpieces of the make believe Ascended Masters. In the last years of the 20th century every one of these murky, problematic and tyrannical “Ascended Master” organizations came to ruin over time. I have researched the topic of so called “Ascended Masters” and their various movements, sponsored teachers and teachings, and recent new age “isms” for more than 28 years. I know whereof I speak.

The actuality of the personal path of the Ascension should not be confused with the fraudulent phrase “Ascended Masters,” which purports that mere 5th dimensional beings have universe authority which supersedes the Divine Kingship and Spiritual governing authority of Jesus Christ. That is one of the biggest and most blasphemous lies of the new age movement and it will be exposed for what it is by enlightened Christian authors as many times as it takes to support and uphold the true King of Kings, our Lord Jesus Christ, until His return.

The 5th dimensional plane souls who are behind the public masquerade known as “Ascended Masters” and their various public movements are, in fact, the fallen and inverted souls of the staff of Lucifer himself, who fell with him 200,000 years ago. Refer to your Bible scripture and see also the Urantia Book for additional detailed heavenly records of this tragic event in local universe history.

among the numerous disturbing revelations in this biography of Maitreya include his atheistic youth. I am quite sure that a real world teacher and the Christ returned, would NOT have been an atheist in his youth. Here is the link to the devotee written Maitreya biography, which clearly states the date of his birth in Tehran Iran,where he was born and to whom.

Chase Kyla Hunter updated 1.09.2012

Please examine this essay:

Is Benjamin Creme today’s John the Baptist for whom?

Who is Benjamin Creme? He is currently a 80-year old Scot, a former artist. Since his childhood had an interest in “the esoteric,” this is the Ageless Wisdom which has been transmitted by spiritual masters to occult initiates throughout time.

Creme is no sophomore to the occult and the masters of wisdom In 1945, as Creme explains, the “…Maitreya’s decision to return to the world with the Hierarchy of Masters” was announced. It was not for several years, however, that Creme would personally be made aware of this announcement.

In the Preface of one of his books, Creme states in the early 1950′s he began to read, “…the Theosophical works of H.P. Blavatsky… Gurdjieff… Alice Bailey and Agni Yoga Teachings…” (The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, pp. 12-13). These are his influences of which I will address later.

He also was involved as early as 1953 with an interest in Flying Saucers. He says, “In mid-1957, I began to work with a society involved with the UFO. phenomenon, which claimed contact with the Space Brothers. With this group I did my first public speaking, but more importantly, discovered my ability to transmit the cosmic spiritual energies from the Space People…. Toward the end of 1958 I withdrew from this society and entered into the closest contact with, and work for, the Space Brothers,” (Ibid, p. 13).


Creme was visited by a man sent to tell him he was going to be contacted. On Jan.3, 1959 he received the first telepathic message and was told to travel to a bridge over the Thames in London where he would receive further communication. When he went he met a group of people in a car and recognized one of them as the man who previously contacted him. (Late night America interview 1989) He said “the people he met in the car from that day were space people. While this seemed flaky 15 years ago it no longer is. It is being embraced by people that you would think had more intelligence.

From 1959, he’s been receiving a telepathic messages from a member of the spiritual hierarchy . “That master lived in the Himalayas and has contacted me from then on.” (Late night America interview 1989) and so His training for this current work under his own Master of Wisdom, began. For several months, Creme took telepathic dictation from the Space Brothers, often using a tape recorder. One night, early in 1959, during such a transmission, I was told to turn off the tape-recorder.

“ I was filled with the love of all the world, tears rolled down my cheek,” Creme said of his first telepathic encounter with Maitreya. He described being “inside a great sphere of white light,” where on the right side was an amalgamation of past events, the left side the future. And he heard Maitreya’s voice saying, “I myself am coming, and you’ll have a role to play if you accept it.” (George Noory broadcast Guest interview: Benjamin Creme January 28th, 2003).

“There followed a discourse on His Reappearance by Maitreya, the Christ, Head of our planetary Hierarchy. He said also that I would have a part in the Plan,” (Ibid, p. 14).

At that time, he was given to understand many things, one of which is the return of the Christ who is Maitreya and that he would play an active role in it himself.

In June 1974, Creme begins a series of what is known in occult teaching”…overshadowing and transmitted messages by Maitreya…” (Ibid, p. 18). He was kept informed of the progress of his externalization. Meaning in plain language his materializing in body.

In 1975, he was given the mission of announcing publicly the coming of Maitreya. At the time Creme did not yet know precisely when that would occur and still does not. In 1982 he put an ad in the newspapers costing $500,000 to announce the appearance of Maitreya – what he anticipated did not occur. Today we are still waiting.

On the Art Bell broadcast a caller called in, (pro Maitreya) and asks why don’t we allow Maitreya to come forth and prove his identity and settle it once and for all? Creme… “that’s precisely what’s going to happen in the very near future, for he has been ready to come forward since the end of may 1982 but he has needed an invitation from humanity to do so , so that he doesn’t infringe our free will to just simply stepping in to limelight. My task has been to prepare the way to create the climate of hope, of expectancy for his coming so he can enter our life’s without infringing on our free will. But to speak to world to any degree he needs the modern communications the media of the world and the media of the world has been very reluctant to invite him forward” Art comments “Well I would do that” yes I’m sure you would because you are an enlightened man” (Art Bell July 10,1998).

In other word Creme is saying when we are convinced he can help he shows up and no one will turn him down, we will be totally accepting him. Because we are in such bad shape we’ll try anything ( that is deception to its nth degree) This is very unlike Jesus who came without anyone asking who did infringe on people by telling it like it is. truth was his platform not a feel good spirituality of everyone together and we can solve the problems. (tower of Babel revisited)

Why can’t Maitreya come forward? Because the Bible states in 2 Thess.2 the restrainer (the true God) holds him back. Remember when Jesus was asked to do a miracle by Mary but he said it was not his time for no human could dictate the time, Maitreya is just the opposite, he’s a man pleaser waiting on us for his revealing.

On July 7th 1977, Maitreya Himself informed us that His body of manifestation-the Mayavirupawas totally complete, that He had “donned” it, and that His Body of Light (His Ascended Body) was now at rest in His Mountain Center in the Himalayas. On July 8th, we were told the Descent had begun. (The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom p.20)

The incarnation of Maitreya was complete. ‘Leaving his “center in the Himalayas,” he “arrived by airplane” in his new home, London” (Network News, March 1987, p. 2). I guess he didn’t have an available UFO to travel in. His followers claim he came just as he left, by the air, despite the bible saying he will come the same way, not by airplane.

Creme says Maitreya emerged from His center in the Himalayas, when least expected, “like a thief in the night”. He took up residence in the Indian-Pakistani community of London. He has been living and working there, seemingly as an ordinary man, His true status known to relatively few. He has been emerging gradually into full public view so as not to infringe humanity’s free will.

Now a few things to go over. Creme says this master is not a subscriber to any religion, yet his master is from the Himilaya’s well known for its occult roots and the religion of Hinduism. He also moved supposedly where he would be least noticed in an Indian community which again shows a connection to this belief system of Hinduism. The language and the practices taught by this Tibetan master of the occult are clearly Hinduistic which is the only religion in the world that promulgates both a pantheistic system, a belief of God in all things, and that we are gods. For all their altruism and idealism, there’s not much honesty in putting their cards on the table.

Who Are “The Masters of Wisdom,” that Benjamen Creme and the new age adherents serve?

Creme in his book The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom p.71 writes they are “men who, through thousands of years of evolutionary progress and numerous reincarnations, have advanced to a high degree of stewardship over the cosmos. Says Creme: There is Hierarchy throughout the system, in fact throughout Cosmos. Our Hierarchy was brought into this planet by the Lord of the World, about 17 million years ago to oversee the development of early man, individualized about one million years earlier.

“Workers In the field of religion will formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It is a work of living synthesis and will emphasize the unity and the fellowship of the spirit. This group is in a pronounced sense, a channel for the activities of the Christ the world Teacher. The platform of the new world religion will be built by, many groups, working under the Inspiration of the Christ (Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, p.168-159)

This Christ is not the one and only from the bible, but another Christ.

Who are Creme’s influences

Madame Blavatsky, known as an aristocrat, she was a Russian-born medium who founded the Theosophical Society in 1875 in New York. She taught that people could contact the spiritual realm and receive knowledge, information as well as help from higher spirit entities called Masters of Wisdom.

Alice Bailey, was a former Theosophist who broke away to found the Arcane Society in 1923, she published books that contained dictations she received from a Spiritual Master Dwaj Khul, which predicted a coming “New Civilization” of peace and enlightenment.

Alice became a willing instrument of the masters.” Between 1919 and 1949, Alice wrote 24 books, dictated “telepathically” by the “masters,” (we would call this channeling) they gave specific instructions to disciples concerning “The Plan” and its implementation. Shortly after Alice became subject to the “masters”, she and Foster Bailey established Lucifer Publishing Company in 1922 to help disseminate her works. In 1923 the name was changed to Lucis Publishing Company and for good reason. Yet the name still has the same meaning and shows who is behind the plan in the New Age Movement. While Satan can transform himself into a messenger of light and look like one who administers righteousness it is perfectly in line with the predictions in scripture of how he will install a replacement of Christ in the last days.

After Alice Bailey died her Arcane school broke up into many groups. The New Group of World Servers are those who desire to be disciples of the masters from the spirit world, and work as intermediaries between the hierarchy and the mass of humanity. They have numerous names but the one Creme is involved with is the Tara center.

Another occultist was Annie Besant, a British feminist who was the Theosophical Society’s president from 1907 to 1933, she proclaimed the coming of a World Teacher would be filled by a spiritual master named Lord Maitreya.

Creme regards both Blavatskys writings as “preparatory” in the unfolding of a spiritual plan for the planet; as well as Mrs. Bailey’s work was the “intermediate” stage. “

[the New Group of World Servers) ... “are overseeing or ushering, In the New Age and are present at the birthpangs of the new civilizatlon... (Externalization p. 70)

Creme claims Maitreya’s movement is a social concern, in His list of priorities: an adequate supply of the right food, adequate housing and shelter for all, healthcare and education as a universal right. His social message can be summarized in a few words: “Share and save the world.” Maitreya says if we will accept His advice then we are on the threshold of an era of peace and goodwill. Sounds wonderful at least to those with no biblical guidelines, just like the Bible says the anti- christ will come in peaceably.

On the Art Bell broadcast (July 10, 1998) heard in 500 stations Creme stated, “Times as you know are changing and the changing times bring new personalities indifferent ways into the world of all conceptions of the Bible story and the gospel and so on have to change, the people that will find it probably hardest of all to accept Maitreya are the leaders of the Christian and Jewish organizations. ..they had the same problem 2,000 years ago with Jesus, Jesus was there among them and they didn’t recognize him.”

Not to be too concerned, Creme was able to recognize him, On the Art Bell program he said he had a personal visit. “I have seen the master Jesus years ago who came to my house in London and asked me if I can give him something to eat.” Creme states the Master Jesus is currently living in Rome for more than 7 years now and is in charge of all the Christian churches but still is a disciple of Maitreya. Obviously the master Jesus of the new age, the one Creme knows is not the Jesus of the Scriptures who is the REAL one, but a fraud just as Maitreya is.

© 2009 No portion of this site is to be copied or used unless kept in its original format- the way it appears. Articles can be reproduced in portions for ones personal use. Any other use is to have the permission of  Let Us ReasonMinistries first. Thank You.We always appreciate hearing  from those of you that have benefited by the articles on our website. We love hearing the testimonies and praise reports. We are here to help those who have questions on Bible doctrine, new teachings and movements.  Unfortunately we cannot answer every email. Our time is valuable just as yours is, please keep in mind, we only have time to answer sincere inquiries from those who need help. For those who have another point of view, we will answer emails that want to engage in authentic dialogue, not in arguments. We will use discretion in answering any letters.Let Us Reason MinistriesWe thank you for your support in our ministry


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