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The Spiritual Research of Wayne Croley

3.26.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter

[Original Photography by Chase Kyla Hunter]

I have just recently discovered the spiritual research of writer and Christian truth researcher Wayne Croley. This has been somewhat remarkable, and it shows the beauty, spiritual grandeur and diversity of how the Holy Spirit will employ the talents and abilities of many Christians, completely unknown to one another, who are working along precisely parallel lines in revealing the truth during the time when the truth is so desperately needed.

Wayne’s research and truthful revelations about the coming world apostasy practically mirror word for word the research that I have produced on this site, yet we have never met, and until tonite I had never even heard of Wayne, nor had I ever seen his research, his website, his papers.

To my knowledge, Wayne has never visited this research blog, which is brand new and is only 3 months old this march 2010. All of the research posted here has been posted since January 1st 2010.

Yet we had both been spiritually guided to the same understanding, coming from two completely different life histories and different backgrounds, to the same exact conclusions,  and we had both – unknown to one another – felt compelled to begin to publish what Spirit had shown us, at about the same general time period.

Incredible. Praise God. Just awesome.

This will help skeptical readers to see that the Holy Spirit is urgently trying to employ as many attuned and spiritually attentive Christian writers as possible all over the world, to warn the world about what is coming, to literally save souls, who otherwise would be hopelessly ensnared in it. Truly God works in marvelous and mysterious ways.

Wayne Croley has produced from his own [ Holy Spirit guided ] investigations, a solid and substantial body of work exposing the new age fraud of Maitreya, Alice Baily, Blavatsky, and Benjamin Creme, and he has come to some of the exact same conclusions that I had come to in recent years, after nearly 30 years of my own private research.

Similarly, Christian writer Kathleen Keating had also come  to thee same conclusions about Creme, Maitreya, Share International more than 10 years ago, when she wrote her second book “The Final Warning”. I am sure as time goes by that many others who are writing and publishing to warn world Christendom about what they know will find us all as well. The worldwide Body of Christ is uniting. It is happening right before our eyes.

So I want my readers to read some of Wayne’s research, and get to know his work, beginning here, with this nine page report at this location:

Prophecy Proof: The Insights of Bailey, Blavatsky and Creme: Messengers of Evil


Chase Kyla Hunter

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Stampeding Confused Americans A Spiritual Signpost

3.24.2010 By CK Hunter

[ I wrote this post on7.3. 2009. It seemed timely to re-post it here, now, where the “Crucible of Spiritual decision” is being recorded. ]

Have you ever observed wild animals stampeding?  Everyone is quietly grazing. Some real or imagined threat is discerned. A grazing head pops up, stares at the source of the threat intently, makes a visceral instinctive non-thinking decision, then bolts. The herd detects that the alarm has sounded, and they all follow suit, careening in every direction at once, but generally away from the perceived danger that prompted the mass reaction.

horses-StampedeAmericans are behaving generally in a somewhat similar fashion, post-Obama’s election, inauguration and general floundering about in six directions at once. It has been very unsettling to observe.

The general unsettledness of the American economic landscape, the many ominous and disturbing facts about Obama himself, which are now being chronicled by no less than several thousand citizen journalism websites, the dismal truth about the overtly criminal “wall street / bank bailout” deal, during which we all witnessed the shameless openly criminal looting of our treasury by Bush administration officials, the indication that even more disturbing new “powers” shall soon be granted to the so-called Federal Reserve, the FED takeover and bankruptcy of GM, these and other events herald that moment when one astute animal grazing in the herd senses danger and launches the inevitable unstoppable stampede, trying to avert catastrophe.

But catastrophe seems to be courting us. It is indicated in the many bizarre behaviors I now see being acted out in America on several fronts.

Sitting on the sidelines, observing  the many various strange new American stampedes gallop by me, I know much more inwardly about the danger than I want to admit. I know much more than I want to write about. I know that America is spiritually very lost, and that she must find herself again and quickly if she is to veer away from stampeding right off the cliffs of uneducated popular opinion, right into the void of the new Obama “herd mentality”, and regain her footing as a nation of discerning, thinking, un-programmable un-hypnotizable people who can clearly see a wolf in sheep’s clothing, then take the proper steps to remove him and his pack from our midst.

Here are just a few of the many stampedes that I am following in 2009:

There is the over-riding  trance condition now known as the “Obamanation” stampede, well documented, which has brought millions of otherwise intelligent human beings to the point of purely programmable idiocy, Obama koolaid drinking cult fanatics who now religiously, fervently believe that our new Czar can do no wrong, even when he fumbles openly during foreign visits, apologizing for America, crawling on the ground in submission to European leaders. bowing submissively before Saudi Kings who hold us by the throat with their oil wells.

Then there are the Oprah worshippers, members of her “Church of the New Earth”, a literal denomination now numbered as 5 million or more who listen devoutly to the mouthings of new age guru Marianne Williamson and mass hypnotist and mentalist trance inducer Eckhardt Tolle. Tolle is an innocent odd looking British “mind control magician” who can bring a listener to one of his video talks into a trance state just by speaking in certain tones, paced to the rhythm of the beating human heart (a classic trance inducing and mass hypnosis carnival sideshow trick, which is still being used at state fairs around the USA to entertain crowds, hypnotizing small groups of people then inducing comical aggressive mental suggestions that they speak Chinese, quack like ducks, fondle their neighbor’s wife’s butt on stage, etcetera).

Reacting to the above is the Christian Church’s lashing out, and knee jerk condemnation of anything, anyone, and most everyone – including gays, whom it now perceives to be the THREAT #1 to it’s former position of dominance in America. Ignoring the elephant in the living room (it’s the message, which is sadly in need of a refreshing drink of cool water from the fountains of REAL deeper truth and spiritual inspiration), Christianity in America now in as deep a crisis point as America herself. The rushing stampede to condemn new spiritual phenomenon before taking pause to consider is hurting the Church in America more than Ted Haggert’s Denver gay escapades, which certainly hurt alot.

The US military Department of Defense on July 14th 2009 made a fast stampede to try to snuff out Major Stefan Cook’s lawsuit against Barack Obama which questioned his eligibility to be president. As we all know, only US citizens are allowed to run for office. Obama was born in Kenya, and researchers and informed Americans know all about it. So what will the DoD do next? Stampede out into blogland to try to keep American patriots from publishing the truth? Here’s the story link.

And of course also stampeding by are the ever ludicrous TV pundits, those disassociated amphetamine pumped professional well paid “fast talkers” whose job it is to hammer us with a laundry list of lies and illuminati “thought programs” daily, frantic to ensure that we remain as “programmed” as they are. They despise their television audience. They despise our insights, they despise our brave citizen journalists who now are adept at picking apart the confabulated fake news they feed us, day in and day out, and updating our friends, families, peers and Networks of Light with each new lie they advertise. They despise us because we are the Light of the World, we are the Body of Christ, we have the Holy Spirit of discernment, and they do not.

They despise us because we are the meek who will inherit the earth. They despise us because our bloodlines hold the good seed, the wheat, while they are indeed the reptilian serpentine chaff, many of them modern half blood descendants of the ancient fallen Nephilim, which will one day soon be cast into the fire of this harvest day’s end.

The sheer deluge of daily bizarreness in America has now become so overwhelming for me to record and chronicle as a spirit led American and as a shaman and an observing onlooker, that I faint away as my days inch routinely toward 10, 12, 14, 16 hours online, watching, recording, digging, excavating the truth under their mountains of lies. I am the eyes of God, watching, praying, recording, gathering in, talking to my heavenly companions who guide me as I work to make a good record of what the Illuminati overlords are trying to do to my country and to the rest of the world. Every man woman and child who loves God, and believes in their heart in His Son, our King of Kings, and watches for His Imminent Return (not the false apostacy of Obama, or Prince Charles, or Maitreya, or whomever the flavor of the week Antichrist contender is, for truly the Spirit of Antichrist now jumps from pop star to pop star, mocking the goodness of America and her people) is now become the Eyes of God with me.

And so we watch. And we pray. And we gather ourselves quietly into our homes and listen for  what the Holy Spirit needs to tell us next. I am watching, recording, writing, praying and listening with you America. You are my America and I am guarding your Light with my own soul.

By Chase Kyla Hunter on 7.3.2009

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Excerpt From My Spiritual Diary: Summer 2006

Regarding My Spiritual Transfomation: “The Gist of It All” In One Paragraph

A substantial part of me was always “away”, in retreat, in communion, in relation to, in love with, some other Greater Being within me, that was the larger more universally enormous ME that felt directly connected to Deity itself. The Presence of God had always been my friend. Now, as time passed, I actually found that in little and large moments, I was literally surrendering more and more of the lesser smaller “me” into the custody and infinite love of this Greater ME, who would then transform that part or parcel into something else entirely. This wondrous Divine process was never ever detected by those around me. I quietly relished this fact. It was constant, invisible, inexorable, imperative and inevitable, based upon the intensity with which I had set my Will to it. But no one ever knew.

Chase K. Hunter from a diary entry, 2006

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Forging A Deeper Faith in Spiritually Darkening Times

3.24.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter

I penned this essay in late 2008. It seemed timely to repost it now.


The present age of the Kali Yuga, which Christians refer to as the “end times” brings every horror imaginable with it. A 28 year old Sunday school teacher has been arrested for the murder of an eight year child in California, stunning the small close knit community in which she lived.

Daily we see reports of children killing their parents, of entire families being gunned down by distraught freshly unemployed fathers, of unimaginable cruelties being acted out upon families by their own family members. Those who have placed all faith in the material world will fall apart as the material world falls apart, and we are seeing that phenomenon being acted out daily.

This dire season in which we live spiritually is not for the faint of heart. Guarding one’s faith against the daily onslaught of bad news and deepening darkness takes courage, energy, resolve and great spiritual fortitude. Those who love God are now tested to the very core of their own faith, as  New World Order media outlets like Newsweek magazine proclaim loudly the end of Christian America  in lewd uncouth cover stories, mocking the very spiritual foundations of America in every way.

Jesus warned of these times and talked to his disciples frequently in private about the great testing that the world would endure at the very end before His return: “the end of days”. We are living in that age now, where the spirit of Antichrist pervades every corner of the world, and every outlet of the NWO monitored American media.

These institutions must be reformed: that is to say re-formed, formed again, and before they can be formed again, the present forms must shatter to make way for that great reformation. That is what we are seeing now all around us.

This season of the profound testing of the faithful will last for many more years, and those whose faith in God crumbles in the face of what we are all seeing most likely had never moored their spiritual foundations properly in the beginning. Whether by intent or by accident, they have chosen to believe that the darkness of human evil originates with God, and that God is somehow liable for human evil. This is grave error spiritually and will only lead to more agony in the inner spiritual life.

The mistake of blaming the Heavenly Father for the evil of men is an old one, and it is the most common reason that individuals fall away from believing in and loving God, which is an entirely different matter than falling away from the church. That the Christian church is in grave crisis is apparent. People who love God and live out of that love do not kill their own family members and murder their neighbors’ children, obviously. When faith dies in the heart,  the holy fortress of spiritual armor within dies with it, allowing for the most unspeakable sins to enter in. This is what we are witnessing today in America and around the world.

God cannot pour the new wine of the Spirit, heralding the arrival of the New Heaven and a New Earth, into the old and aging vessels of the present Christian denominations in America, for many of them are now fraught with false and erroneous doctrines based on fear, control, spiritual misunderstanding, ignorance of deeper truth and religio-political corruption.

( Keep in mind that the NWO elite would very much like to co-opt the Christian religion into a tool they can use once again to control the masses, if civil unrest should disrupt normal life in America. They have already made plans to use local ministers as tools of social control if civil unrest escalates at any given time. )

These aging Christian institutions must be reformed: that is to say re-formed, formed again, and before they can be formed again, the present forms must shatter to make way for that great reformation. That is what we are seeing now all around us.Out of the present despair, crisis and chaos in the Christian  Church will eventually come renewed spiritual creativity, and more profound truth, beauty and goodness than this world has ever witnessed. One must hold fast to personal spiritual faith in God the meantime.

“The Church” is not a building, or a denomination, or a congregation, or a pastor, or even the Pope. “The Church” is contained within the citadel of the spritually alive and striving human heart, where it always has been, and it always will be.

So just as we all have been told, “Seek God with all your heart, mind and soul” and you will find that the church is alive and well within you. A fortress of faith forged from within will withstand all outer tribulation. I bear witness to this fact in my own heart. I invite the reader to once again recall that we are “in the world, but not of the world.”

If we resolve within to hold fast to the truth that lives within the depths of our hearts, and our hearts  remain tethered to the very heart of God, then we will guard our own souls against all darkness, both within and without. This is my prayer for the American nation today.

CK Hunter

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