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RFID Chip Is the New World Order "Mark of the Beast"

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Re-post by CK Hunter from the youtube rabbithole – best RFID videos 2010

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One thought on “RFID Chip Is the New World Order "Mark of the Beast"

  1. we have been WARNED before…that such thing as microchip will be imprinted to humans as a MARK OF THE BEAST…BEWARE in receiving thismicrochip because your PRECIOUS SOUL is at stake…rather die than to receive the MARK OF THE BEAST, IF YOU WILL RECEIVE THE MICROCHIP, YOUR SOUL BELONGS TO SATAN and GOD CANNOT SAVE YOU ANYMORE…THAT’s the DANGER that this MICROCHIP will bring to mankind…and the branding of the microchip will be IMPOSE BY THE GOV’TS WORLDWIDE in the near future.