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Just Say NO to a National ID Card. It Will Lead to an Embedded RFID Chip.


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American Patriot RED ALERT! Urgent!

12.18.2010 By CK Hunter

They are at it again!! The senate is trying to pass legislation regarding a compromise to immigration reform that will include carrying a national ID card. This will be the beginning of embedded RFID chips in the hand, as all the national ID cards will have embedded RFID chips in them. The insidious gradualism tactic of using creeping stealth legislation to insert RFID embedded ID cards into the mainstream of American life has to be identified, published and broadcasted by truth researchers, and stopped dead in it’s tracks. I will gladly die before I carry an RFID embedded national ID card.

Just like Michael Savage said: “Over my dead body!”  I could not agree more! Sound off after you read this, and share this post, the video clips and wake up your friends and neighbors everywhere. Tell them to bury Washington D.C. with phone calls, emails, and feedback, saying NO to any sort of national ID card. This is now RED ALERT urgent.

Chase Kyla Hunter





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2 thoughts on “Just Say NO to a National ID Card. It Will Lead to an Embedded RFID Chip.

  1. WOW! I was not aware of the 100 police officers in Mexico that have already received these, what should we call them? How about, “Slave I.D.’s”? Does not everyone understand the impolications of these RFID chips? Of course not, very few people here in the U S. have more than a 5th grade education (i.e. “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”)!!! Sure, these people may have B.A.’s and even Master’s Degree’s, in various subjects, but they have only learned what they needed to learn. In case you haven’t noticed, there are no more classes in public schools that deal with learning about , and/or upholding the basic rights of , “WE, the people…” As a matter-of-fact, my boys only “breezed” over the, Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America! They have no “real” idea of what it stands for! For that matter, they don’t teach any of our school children about these most important documents at all! Whose fault is it? It’s too late to blame anyone with, “fault” It is time that we ALL, open our eyes, and take back our country! How do we do that??? Beats the Hell out of ME! I really don’t know. There are only 545 politicians that make the laws for the 300,000.000 people of the United States. So, if you think writing your, Congressman or Senator, is going to do any good, I don’t think so! As you can see, the odds are against us! We may be 300,000,000, but they are only 545, it is much easier for 545 to agree with one another, than 300,000,000 to agree with one another.

    No, “WE, the people…”, will not band together to defeat this! It will come to pass! It MUST come to pass, as it is written in the Scriptures! This must come to pass before we will see the return of our “Savior, Jesus Christ”! Just do as Jesus has asked you to do, be loyal “Chrstians” and “Keep the Faith!” For He will return, Jesus, said He would!!!


    • Hi Bob! yeah this horrific RFID thing is now VERY far along and most Americans are just totally clueless about it. Bob I don’t have any disagreement with anything at all in your comment. It must come to pass, but that does not mean I will ever take a chip. I will gladly die first. You stay strong my brother! We were just talking last night about how these prophecies are coming to pass fast and furious, so fast I can hardly write fast enough to keep up. We’ll speak soon again. I love you brother… you are a good man. Big huge Cherokee lady hug to you!