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Astronomer Dr. Byron Glenn: “Comet Elenin Is A Real Threat”


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My posting of this video below by Dr. Byron Glenn is neither an endorsement, nor is it a negation. Noted: 7.7.2011 has already come and gone. I want people to realize that many otherwise intelligent people tend to get somewhat emotionally unraveled by the idea of Nibiru / Comet Elenin’s passing so close to the earth. Alarmist tones in your reporting can undermine your credibility, even if your research and science is dead-on.

The video below is an example of somewhat frazzled and “freaked out” reporting and speculating that’s not doing anyone any good. I don’t want to go there. I feel it’s important to keep the research accurate, and the advisory calm and realistic.

There is only so much that someone can do, if the Elenin fly-by turns out to be a life threatening event for the human and animal population on earth. I personally do not think that this fall will end in an “extinction level event” for humankind.  I believe that we need to exercise thoughtful purposeful calm in reporting and assessing possibilities, rather than rant about what we think or imagine may happen if the fly-by is too close for comfort.

If you go to YouTube and enter the search phrase “extinction level event” you are going to get a variety of oddly disjointed video presentations, which of which are quite reactionary. Some of these reports are misleading, not by intent, but because the reporter now feels so convinced that something disastrous is going to happen this fall on a global scale that they feel compelled to warn people in very specific and sometimes jarring ways.

This blog will post commentary when it seems appropriate, on the tone and timbre of such reporting. Keeping a cool head is the number one most important emergency preparedness skill one can have. There are now hundreds and hundreds of homegrown video reports and presentations on Nibiru floating around the web. It’s impossible to see and assess them all. But the tone of the presentation is as important now as the content itself. YT reporters should always keep that in mind.

Chase Kyla Hunter

Cited from Youtube:

“Based on this man’s behavior he is running scared. Has the Government gotten to him? Was he threatened and intimidated? Or did he make a strategic decision with others to close the group off and keep it low key and tight knit?
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