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Astronomy Webcams in Hawaii, Antarctica, Northern Canada Record Second Sun


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Author’s note:  I posted this report below about 3 weeks ago in late June 2011. What many new subscribers may not know, is that I began writing about Nibiru aka Planet X four years ago after having a profound revelation concerning the inter-connectedness of about a half dozen seemingly unrelated events around the world.

At that time, I penned an essay titled “A Global Call to Awakening” in early April 2008.

I posted it later as the first essay on a Wetpaint wiki which I titled: 2012 Pole Shift Witness. Although I had already been researching “new world order” related topics for 19 years at that time, until early 2008 I had never actually connected the dots between suppressed astronomy, bible prophecy, the Mayan calendar, Edgar Cayce‘s work and about a dozen other historical sources concerning the facts about pole shifts in our planet’s deep past. Some sort of spiritual higher power [ I call this the Holy Spirit] finally stepped in and connected them for me in early 2008. After that I knew I had to publish what I was shown, and I didn’t care who said what about it. It was an urgent spiritual imperative. I saw world events, and events in our country being “orchestrated” from behind the scenes, such that many things which we believe we have had a hand in, such as electing Barack Obama in 2008, were in fact, planned for years in advance, and would have taken place whether the popular vote went Democratic or not in the 2008 election.

I am writing this preface because I can tell by some of the comments about the videos posted below, that many new subscribers have no idea who I am, or why I am still posting pertinent raw video footage of Nibiru. Further, they also seem to have no idea why this is now quite “urgent astronomy” – seeing that it is being actively suppressed by organizations like Google, who makes “Google Earth” software, or why it matters in a very big way that the world media is NOT reporting significantly  on Nibiru’s imminent fly-by, and what that fact will mean in 2012, 2013 and beyond for billions of people who literally have no idea what is really going on, or what is to come.

Below is a screenshot from the video which shows a black square of censored out night sky where the co-ordinates for Nibiru point. This is why I write. This is why I bother to try to keep waking people up. This is why I care about the outcome.

The region of night sky where Nibiru is located has been blacked out aka redacted, or censored in the software app Google Earth.

If the topic of Planet X, aka Nibiru is that new to you, and you think the first video below is of the full moon, please, for God’s sake and for you r sake, go to my old blog on and begin to read the posts recorded there from the very beginning. You are now nearly four years behind in what’s happening, and I do not have time to re-tell the urgent story yet again.

Please don’t bother to post any more inane comments regarding this report, trying to tell me that it’s the “full moon” crossing the sky in the South Pole video. Were you aware that the entire reason that the US government even has an observatory located at the south pole, is to monitor the approach of Nibiru? They have known in US astronomy circles about what is coming since the early 1980s. They have known about it at the Vatican for hundreds of years. The Vatican named their newest telescope “Lucifer” by the way. Doesn’t that bother you? Shouldn’t that bother you??

If you think it’s the full moon below in the Antarctica video, just go back to watching American Idol, or sports, or whatever it is that you do with 90% of your free time, and just stop reading this blog because you have no idea what is actually happening, or what is about to happen to our world in the next two-to-seven years. I cannot help you and no amount of online publishing and explaining will ever help you.

You will be one of the ones in early 2013 who sit in shock, watching what is happening, saying out loud to your family “… But I thought that if all this was really REAL, the news guys would have told us what to do….!!” and so forth. Good luck to you with insisting that there is nothing heading our way, that I am full of baloney, that the news guys on ABC, NBC and CBS are right about everything, that they are telling the American people the truth, and that there is nothing in the sky to be concerned about. For the rest of you, please read on.

Chase Kyla Hunter  July 2011 ]

Download these videos below to your hard drive and re-distribute them to everyone on your lists. Make this page viral. Nibiru footage won’t stay up on Youtube for long. This is all very recent webcam and raw astronomy observatory video footage.

In the South Pole video, as the sun is going down on the far left of the screen, Nibiru [ aka the second sun ] is rising and crossing from right to left. It’s not a photo trick. It’s unedited raw webcam footage, just like the raw footage from the Hawaii Infrared Optics Telescope which I posted a couple of weeks ago. They [ the governments of the nations ] can’t hide this or deny this anymore. Do what you can do to make preparations. If you live in a home with a finished cemented basement, consider yourself very lucky. Stock it with what you would need if you needed to live in it for several months to a year. Share this page please. Subscribe and report on news from your region under comments. Stay in touch with this blog. We have each other and while we have an internet and electricity we do the best we can.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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