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June 28th 2011 NASA Discusses Emergency Preparedness “For Their NASA Family” of Employees

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I am just posting this video for the record. I have alluded to it several times, and just in case someone out there thinks “I am making it up” here’s the video. The comments at the beginning are not mine. I did not make this video. I located in on YT this summer and it’s posted already on my other main news blog. If NASA cared enough to make a special in-house “emergency preparedness” video for their own “family of employees” then it’s worth having a look at. Do you see anyone official from Washington D.C. addressing the nation about “over all emergency preparedness” regarding soon to come celestial events?

[ Nope. ]

I didn’t think so. So let’s all watch the NASA “emergency preparedness” video that they made for their own people, shall we?


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