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Comet Elenin October 2011 Update: Hopi Blue, Red Star Kachina Prophecy Reports

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10.25.11 Interesting new developments in the Elenin  and Nibiru saga, cited from sources around the web:


COMET CORPSE: “Doomsday Comet” Elenin was briefly famous for inaccurate predictions that it might hit Earth. Instead it disintegrated as it approached the sun last month. (Doomsday canceled.) Over the weekend, Italian astronomer Rolando Ligustri spotted the comet’s remains. It’s the elongated cloud in this Oct. 22nd photo of the star field where Elenin would have appeared if it were still intact:

Another team of astronomers–Ernesto Guido, Giovanni Sostero and Nick Howes–spotted the cloud on the same night. At first they were skeptical. “The cloud was extremely faint and diffuse,” says Guido. “We wondered if it might be scattered moonlight or some other transient artifact.” But when the team looked again on Oct. 23, the cloud was still there. A two-night blink animation shows that the cloud is moving just as the original comet would have. Note: Some readers have noticed a fast-moving streak to the to the lower right of the debris cloud. That is an unrelated asteroid, 2000 OJ8 (magnitude 14), which happened to be in the field of view at the same time as the cloud of Elenin.

More information about this discovery and continued tracking of the “comet corpse” may be found at the Remanzacco Observatory Astronomy Blog.


Red night aurora bursts were seen or photographed in more than half of all US states including Alabama, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kentucky, North Carolina, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Maryland, New York, Montana, Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington, Minnesota, Maine, Michigan, Oregon, Arkansas and California.

Brian Emfinger
Image taken: Oct. 24, 2011

Ozark, Arkansas, USA


AURORAS IN THE USA: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth on Oct. 24th at approximately 1800 UT (2:00 pm EDT). The impact strongly compressed Earth’s magnetic field, directly exposing geosynchronous satellites to solar wind plasma, and sparked an intense geomagnetic storm. As night fell over North America, auroras spilled across the Canadian border into the contiguous United States. TO BE CONTINUED


“The auroras filled the sky in every direction–even to the south,” he says.

Indeed, the display spread all the way down to Arkansas. “When I saw the alert, I ran outside and immediately saw red auroras,” reports Brian Emfinger from the city of Ozark. “Within a few minutes the auroras went crazy! It was unbelievable.” Update: Emfinger has assembled a 2h 22m time-lapse movie of the display: 29 MB wmv.

Auroras were seen or photographed in more than half of all US states including Alabama, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Kentucky, North Carolina, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Maryland, New York, Montana, Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, Maine, Michigan, Oregon, Arkansas and California. Many observers, especially in the deep south, commented on the pure red color of the lights they saw. These rare all-red auroras sometimes appear during intense geomagnetic storms. They occur some 300 to 500 km above Earth’s surface and are not yet fully understood.


I treat reporting on Comet Elenin and second sun Nibiru as two separate topics. I do not believe they are the same object. I am leaning in the direction of considering the Hopi Blue Star and Red Star Kachina prophecies as being more accurate than the many varied and extreme reports which some from so called scientific or official  sources. Frankly, I do NOT believe that a NASA scientist has more wisdom or insight that a Native American elder who remembers the words of his ancestors up to 10 generations back. But then again, being part Cherokee I am biased, blessedly so. The Hopi prophecies which have peered into the future and could see what was coming have never been wrong. If they are accurate then Comet Elenin may be the foretold Blue Star Kachina, possibly making Nibiru is the Red Star Kachina which is to follow. This makes Elenin a possible warning sign, or “harbinger comet” for Nibiru, the future Red Star Kachina to come.

Consider what the passage of Elenin has wrought with the Arab Spring and the American Autumn. Uproar and dissent abounds in the world. Is humankind heeding the Hopi warnings? Wars rip through the hearts of simple good people and tear their lives apart everywhere. Our own government is covered in blood over the wars they have instigated repeatedly. These actions will not be without consequences as time passes. Every human being must reap what he or she sows. The Bible tells us this and so do the Hopi.

I am posting more collected citizen journalist reports on Comet Elenin that I have located since late September. I am also posting the “official statements” by NASA and several scientists. I am making no predictions. Each person who has reported via a  video shown on this page is doing the best they can to understand a murky and complicated topic, that being the current status of Comet Elenin.My posting of these diverse and broadly different citizen reports is neither an endorsement, nor a rebuttal of their contents. At this point, just the intrigue of reporting on what other people are reporting is as interesting as what might take place when then objects pass through the solar system. It becomes an exercise in understanding human psychology, the power of urban mythology, and the power of religious belief upon the task of attempting to unravel the science and astronomy of Elenin and Nibiru.

A few days ago I listened to a report by Richard Hoagland about Elenin on Coast to Coast AM which stretched all credulity to the breaking point. I believe the lady in the first video below must have also heard that Hoagland report, as she passes along some of the more outrageous statements made by Hoagland, such as the comet being able to generate a tetrahedron shaped force field around itself and so on. I don’t know where Richard Hoagland gets his science from, or his astronomy, but his conclusions about Elenin are outrageous, and I have no idea if they are true or not.

Richard Hoagland Website(s):

At this point I am posting material on Elenin out of an interest in the mass human psychology of what’s taking place, as much as the astronomy itself, which is all really over the place. I did not know, until the “passing of Comet Elenin” what a speculative and unstable science astronomy was. I have learned alot while trying to report on this phenomenon.

I keep returning to the Hopi Blue Star and Red Star Kachina prophecies. That’s my tether point. The first blue star Kachina is a warning sign, a harbinger, What follows it is the red star Kachina, which is the bringer of the terrible troubles. Close up photos have shown that Comet Elenin has a blueish cast to it. We all know that Nibiru, in every legend recorded, is a giant red planet or brown dwarf which has a large trailing cloud of red dust and rocky debris which moves with it, along with seven satellites, which might be moons or small planetoids. In essence it travels with it’s own small solar system in tow.

So here is what I compiled over the past few days. You can see more reports at and

“Official” statements on Comet Elenin

NASA on C/2010 X1

According to NASA, Comet Elenin Poses No Threat to Earth

Don Yeomans on C/2010 X1

Don Yeomans has weighed in on the comet, saying:

“So you’ve got a modest-sized icy dirtball that is getting no closer than 35 million kilometers,” said Yeomans. “It will have an immeasurably miniscule influence on our planet. By comparison, my subcompact automobile exerts a greater influence on the ocean’s tides than comet Elenin ever will.”21

NASA’s David Morrison on Comet Elenin claims

“The comet never comes close to the Earth, but it is expected to be visible in binoculars during August and October. Part of the Internet chatter concerns its size. Comets are exceedingly small and enveloped in a tenuous cloud of gas and dust, so the only way to be sure of their actual dimensions is to visit with a spacecraft. This means its mass is less than one billionth the mass of the Earth. Needless to say, we will not be aware of the tiny gravitational pull from Elenin.”

This is a quote from a David’s answer to a question on the “Ask an astrobiologist” page. He has received lots of questions about Elenin as well.

In addition, Dr. Morrison has posted a YouTube video discussing C/2010 X1.

Ian Musgrave on Comet Elenin

Australian amateur astronomer Ian Musgrave has compiled a FAQ for the Worried on Comet Elenin.

Space Fellowship: Comet Elenin Poses No Threat to Earth

This is what we’re saying, people!

“Exposing Pseudoastronomy” blog podcast on C/2010 X1

Stuart Robbins of the Exposing Pseudoastronomy blog has created a podcast episode about Comet Elenin:


Earlier in September I reported ….

Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy Examined by Marshall Masters

This post shot to the number 1 position in views in the several days it’s been up, indicating people are urgently wanting to be updated on what to expect from Comet Elenin. It’s been viewed nearly 90,000 times in 9 days. I’ll be adding more updates to this page as I find them.

The Hopi Blue Star Kachina Dancer

Below are two video updates from Marshall Masters on Comet Elenin. Marshall covers alot of ground in the first 39 minute report, and you should watch it from start to finish. He discusses these important known historical and scientific facts:

  • =>Planned NWO sponsored disinformation campaigns designed to keep the world public from knowing the truthful facts about Comet Elenin
  • =>Comet Elenin as a possible “harbinger” comet, a.k.a. the possibility of the fulfillment of the Hopi Blue Star Kachina prophecy, followed by the fulfillment of the Red Star Kachina prophecy as well

  • =>The history of four other recent comet fly-bys since 1910 and how the world and scientific public has reacted to them
  • =>The July 30th discovery that Comet Elenin contains a considerable amount of hydrogen cyanide, a known poison, which was last used to execute a prisoner on death row in 1999. Hydrogen cyanide is known by it’s peculiar “almond” smell. Comet Elenin presents the possibility that earth might fly through it’s tail, thus exposing the world population to possibly toxic levels of hydrogen cyanide poisoning. In 1910 the fears and concerns surrounding Halley’s Comet were similar, and people reacted in fear, purchasing gas masks and anti-hydrogen cyanide pills from profiteering “snake oil salesmen.” There are some similarities in the levels of public fear and concern surrounding Comet Elenin.

  • => Comet Elenin as a giant “cosmic capacitor” due to it’s large hydrogen cyanide content. Comet Elenin’s dielectric conductivity and how it might behave electrically as it passes by the earth
  • =>The sudden disintegration of Comet S4 Linear in 2000 right before it passed over the plane of the ecliptic
  • =>The sudden brightening of 17P Comet Holmes in October of 2007 to a size larger than the diameter of our own sun, with further scientific speculation as to whether Comet Elenin might behave in the same way on [ of all dates, eerily ] 9.11.2011, when it reaches perihelion and comes the closest to our own sun, at which time it will also pass between our earth and the sun across the plane of the ecliptic
  • => In August of this year Comet Elenin began to brighten suddenly, becoming larger in diameter than the planet Jupiter, taking many astronomers by surprise
  • => The “distance” factor – Comet Holmes passed earth in the vicinity of the orbit of Mars. However, Comet Elenin will be passing closer, in the vicinity of the region between earth and Venus
  • => A forecast of the time periods between now and January 16th 2012 when the most probable danger from Comet Elenin’s passage might occur, along with periods noted where the danger level, or “threat level” from Elenin will begin to subside
  • => What the average person can and should do to prepare

I also encourage everyone to get on the internet and do your own research. I could watch Elenin videos 24-7 at this point and not see them all. And a girl does need her beauty sleep from time to time. Here’s Marshall’s latest …. See also and

Nasa Confirms Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy? New Discovery of Blue Star

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