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Jesse Ventura TV Airs Show About Illuminati Underground Bunkers in the Ozarks


This informative episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy TV provides plenty of raw material for connecting the dots on another location where the US and global elites might be planning to hunker down during the worst of any coming civil unrest, world war or global pole wobble event in the coming decades.

The Ozarks are a highly logical location for survival, as the mountain range sits on a spine of solid bedrock which would most likely remain relatively stable during any serious geocrustal displacement, or pole shift event. Situated dead center in the middle of the United States, if the federal government ever had to literally relocate inland to keep the country intact during an east coast nuclear missile strike, the Ozarks, along with the greater Rocky Mountain range [ see research on Denver Colorado ] would be far enough from the fallout to remain safe, depending on weather patterns. West to east wind currents almost always carry weather fronts [ and any resultant radioactive fallout from an east coast nuclear strike ] from west to east, thus blowing much of the fallout out over the Atlantic ocean.

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4 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura TV Airs Show About Illuminati Underground Bunkers in the Ozarks

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    For anyone who watches this video report who lives in the Ozarks I would suggest you follow some of the leads provided, then begin doing your own citizen journalism in your region to bring greater awareness about these plans to others who live in the five state region of the Ozark mountain range. Re-blogged from on 12.09.2012.


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  3. I hope more people start following your blogs, Chase! If so, then “maybe”…we will stand a chance against the “powers that be!”