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Coptic Christian
An Egyptian Christian woman holds a lit candle as she attends Sunday mass at the Hanging Church in the old city of Cairo (Reuters/Ahmed Jadallah)

Christians gathered in Cairo on Sunday to protest the destruction of a church that was attacked by Muslim villagers this weekend in Egypt’sFayoum Province. It was the second attack on Christians in the province in a little over a month.

Twenty to 30 Muslims, most from an extended family, attacked Mar Girgis church in Tamiyyah village in Egypt’s Fayoum Province following a 3 p.m. service on Friday. The villagers pelted the church and four worshippers with stones, tore down the cross erected on top of the building and threw Molotov cocktail-type explosives at the structure with the intent of setting it on fire, Morningstar News reports.

Following the attack, local authorities conducted a “reconciliation” meeting between Christians and Muslims in…

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Please note at the end of the video, there is a plaque on the wall that designates King Solomon as the first ‘biblical’ Freemason!  In case you are unaware, the Freemmason’s are Satan Worshipers, and identified with the Illuminati (secret, government agencies.) I do not believe such a thing about King Solomon, and certainly hope you do not either. 

We do know Solomon sinned on many levels by having so many wives and concubines, of which many were of heathen, ungodly religions.  He also allowed them to worship their false gods in the temple.  However, I do not believe for one moment he was a Freemason, and I am offended they would engrave such a plaque on the wall of the cave claiming it as factual.

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Foreigners suspected of trying to spread Christianity arrested in Libya 

ICC Note: Yesterday, ICC reported that four Christian foreigners were arrested in Benghazi, Libya for allegedly taking part in evangelistic activities. Police spokesman Hussein bin Hamid said the foreigners are from South Africa, Egypt and South Korea, and one holds both Swedish and U.S. nationality, according to Fox News. Police also reportedly found 45,000 books in their possession and another 25,000 that had already been distributed. The Christians are currently detained and undergoing interrogation. ICC will continue to bring you the latest updates on the story.  [Full Story]   Four Christians arrested for “proselytizing” in Benghazi

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