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Lord, please help me to know and do your Will.


Now and again at approximately 2:30 to 3 am I am sometimes up and still working. I walk outside and stargaze a little. On 3 separate nights I have noticed a pink-rose glow in the WESTERN sky over the ocean at 3 am. This glow is coming from some sort of celestial object and looks EXACTLY like the sunrise in the east, which takes place in the OPPOSITE direction about 3.5 hours later. I have tried to photograph this 3 am sky glow but my camera is not that great and it hasn’t come through yet. Something is up. I can feel it. The glow is not supposed to be there, but there it is. Today I found these two videos – read on ….

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Author: CKH888

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  1. These are some “awesome” videos from down-under!

    You know as well as I…”they” can’t hide the truth from us forever!

    Thanks for the updates…Chase!

    Take Care and God Bless!


    • Always good to hear from you Bobby, you take good care too. Are you prepping these days? How’s work in your region? Update me.




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