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Updated Monday March 11th 2013

North Korea is on my mind and in my sights daily, now that they’ve fired off another forbidden test nuke.  Add to that the sickening propaganda video they recently posted to YouTube showing North Korean nuclear missiles striking US cities, along with Kim Jong Eun‘s verbal threat to reduce Washington D.C. to “a sea of fire” just days ago. Something is afoot and it is NOT good.

This weekend I found another ominous news report which sounds the early warning alert that this time [ as opposed to all the other times in recent memory ] there may be more than mere bluster, sabre rattling and ego bolstering smack talk coming out of the starving nation.

Cited from Robert Hardy and the GeoStratblog:

“I find the recent actions and words coming from North Korea particularly ominous and would not be surprised to see…

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