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Tuesday March 12th 2013 will be a big day for planet Earth. Two fascinating global events will converge on that day which have bible students, soothsayers, bloggers, [ 🙂 ] astrologers and astronomers all buzzing.

Coast Radio had announced the discovery of Comet Panstarrs back in 2011 with this brief newscast on their website, which points to space .com’s report.


It’s now two years later, and who could have known back then [ serendipity or fate? ] that “next-to-the-last” Pope Benedict would stun the world in February 2013 by abdicating the Papacy, announcing his sudden retirement, throwing the Vatican into rapid high gear to quickly select a new Pope.

“Papabili” … Pope Replacement: Angelo Scola Seen As Next Pope Front-Runner

All I can say is that comet Panstarrs certainly has an epic sense of drama and perfect timing. Then again, it might just turn out that God knew…

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