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Lord, please help me to know and do your Will.

I’d like to thank readers in advance for caring enough about keeping Biblical Times up and blogging to stop by and shop a little for your homestead at the online store which supports the blog. God bless and keep you safe from every harm!

CK Hunter

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Once a year or so I like to remind readers that my news blogs need a little love and support to keep on trucking.

I have just updated the online store that supports this news blog with a special new category featuring a broad variety of hand held Geiger counters, and other really cool radiation detecting devices. These devices and helpful aids cost less than $100 for the most part, and some of the other fancier units are less than $20o.00. There is a VERY interesting product included which turns an Ipad, Ipod, Iphone etc into a Geiger counter which I thought was just the bees-knees!

Not to seem dooms-dayish, but now would be a really good time to just look some of those items over and spend a little to make sure you can have some way of detecting radiation in your local region. It’s just a good common…

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