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North Korea Escapee Living in the UK Provides Plethora of Inside Information on Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Nam

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What could possibly be worse than a nuclear North Korea with Kim Jong Un at the helm? A nuclear North Korea with his goofy older brother, gambling addict Kim Jong Nam, at the helm.

North Korean refugee Joo Il-Kim bought his freedom from the horrors of North Korea by swimming across a treacherous river in the dead of night to escape into the remote wilds of China back in 2005. He had lived in constant fear of being arrested and either executed in public or sent for the remainder of his natural life to work in the dreaded NK gulags, which it’s estimated more than 200,000 prisoners are slowly being worked and / or beaten to death in North Korea.

Il-Kim was alive, and that’s what mattered at the moment. He eventually made his way into Great Britain, married there, and now lives as a free man in the region…

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