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Two Bomb Blasts Rock Boston Marathon Near Finish Line, Terrorism Suspected


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04.15.2013 I am watching breaking coverage of this news event on CNN as I type and update this report. Check back on the hour for more updates as more is known about the Boston Bombing perpetrators.

A Penske rental truck is being sought by officials which was seen exiting the race site right before the blast. Contact authorities in Boston if you have any photos or video of this truck.

Three people are now confirmed dead and at least 141 people have been  injured in a set of twin bomb blasts which detonated in the middle of packed crowds watching the Boston Marathon today. The blasts took place about 400 yards from the finish line. One of the casualties was an eight year old child.

29,000 people from 90 countries arrive in Boston Massachusetts annually for the Boston Marathon, making the event an international sport event followed and beloved by…

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7 thoughts on “Two Bomb Blasts Rock Boston Marathon Near Finish Line, Terrorism Suspected

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  2. A “Muslim” has already been identified as being behind the explosions! NOTHING from mainstream media or the police or the government!!! WHY?

    Simple…these entities are all “in-bed” together to dis-arm and miss-inform the public to allow OBOZO to take-over America…


    • Bobby that’s why you have to stick with alternative news reporters who exist outside the White House controlled Big Media system. You should not be surprised at this point. Big Media will try their best to minimize or completely omit the fact that these two brothers originate from one of the most radical hotbeds of hatred for the West in all of middle Asia. Read these articles for starters:



      • Hi Chase!

        It’s just so…so…so…(what’s the word for it?)(I’m NOT smarter than a “Fifth Grader”)(duh!)…oh yeah…”BLATANT!” The “way” the media is being used as a “propaganda” machine for the “elite!” They are so blatant as they already know…NOTHING will stop them! My “ex-wife” (whom I “considered”…intelligent) said she voted for “OBOZO!!!” I was “flabbergasted” (to say the least)c!!! When I “started” to mention his “treasonable” acts…she quickly “cut-me-off” saying “…Romney was NO BETTER!”…AS I…continued…to “RANT!!!” She had the “audacity” to say that I was being “brain-washed” by “…all those internet…” My “BAD!” I forgot what she said 😦

        We were in the car with my 15 y.o. in the back seat as I needed to be present for him to get a “re-entry” card from Mexico. He’s in the Boy Scouts and going to Ensenada next month. All he needs now is the “time” requirement to become an “Eagle Scout!” He finished all the “other” stuff…last year!

        Take Care and God Bless!

        bobby wise

        ps….Oh yeah!!! Have you read Wayne Herschel, “The Lost Records”


  3. Wayne Herschel, finally…someone that “thinks” like me! 🙂