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Walking The Red Road

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission


Walking The Red Road: Learning to see your energy potential as infinite… learning new ways to expand it and to fill it up however your heart desires… key word being ‘heart’, for the ego will try to diminish your potential, see you as finite, and either inferior or superior, which will be experienced as pain, and not knowing who you really are, or what actually will resonate as ‘joy’…  which is often hidden behind the veil of not being honest with self… or living with cultural attitudes, beliefs and value systems which do not resonate as truth at the heart level… nothing outside one’s self can substitute for the authentic Higher self and the power of the love and joy within… all pathways of the heart become the red road which is infinitely immeasurable… living each moment not as what was, or what might be, but rather to become ever…

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