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Told You So: White House Ordered IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups in 2012 Election Year

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“The US presidency cannot be allowed to become such a corrupted institution that illegal activities come to be expected by a sitting president while the public turns a blind eye. That’s not a presidency. That’s a mafia.”

For someone who has done the background reading on Barack Obama’s usual political modus operandi through the years of his rise to power, the recent scandal involving the IRS‘s targeting of conservative political groups in 2012 was a no brainer. No matter how many on the Left have denied the White House had any involvement in this election year dirty deed, I knew that the trail of blood would lead all the way to the White House on this ‘Nixonesque’news story. It was just a matter of time.

My career as a news blogger began when Barack Obama vaulted into prominence in early 2008. Something just wasn’t right about his…

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