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Who Has Crowned The Freedom Tower (WTC) With A Islamic Spire? | Prophecy


This post is very very troubling, and I was very upset when I found it. Here it is.

U.S. Constitutional Free Press

(Before It’s News)

Islamic lands that were occupied by the enemies will once again become Islamic…We proclaim that we will conquer Rome, like Constantinople was conquered once, and as it will be conquered again.”

– Ali Al-Faqir, the Jordanian Minister

Symbolically, Spire have two functions. The first is to proclaim a martial power. A spire, with its reminiscence of the spear point, gives the impression of strength. The second is to reach up toward the skies. The celestial and hopeful gesture of the spire is one reason for its association with religious buildings. A spire on a church or cathedral is not just a symbol of piety, but is often seen as a symbol of the wealth and prestige of the order, or patron who commissioned the building.


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