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America IS Exceptional.

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Yeah, I said it and I’ll go to my death with those words on my lips.  What makes AMERICA exceptional is her people, not her government.  We The People.  Yes, there are those who are clueless, who are ‘asleep’, who choose to live life with “me, me, me” as their guiding force… and of course, there are those who are corrupt.  But there always has been.  From the dawn of time, there are reports in history of GREAT MEN (and women) doing what must be done, fighting the good fight.  Whether it be fighting for justice, for the innocent, for whatever, it has always been a special section of society who stands up, reaches out and does not back down… ‘great men’ who will not be silent, even in a world of darkness, a world guided by evil, a world full of fallen sinners and a world full…

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