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While I Was Away From My Desk This Summer, Here’s What Happened

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No, seriously.  I actually believe that this is the most important question facing the American public in 2013.  It trumps all lesser concerns as it presents the gravest threat to our national security – EVER.  One well placed Jihadist hired into the behemoth spy complex who gains access to what Edward Snowden gained access to could bring down the entire nation. We are foolish if we think “it could never happen.” We all thought 9-11 could never happen either.

I have never been more alarmed and concerned about time cherished American constitutional freedoms and civil liberties than I am at this time in American history.  From excessive force being routinely used by police, to increasing incidents of police officers gunning down innocent Americans in cold blood, often in front of dozens of onlookers, with impunity – our nation is not just slipping toward fascism – it is now plunging headlong. …

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