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9.20.2013 Comet Ison News Update, My Thoughts on Ison


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Look to the northeastern night sky in October to locate comet Ison.
Look to the northeastern night sky in October to locate comet Ison.

DISCLAIMER: I feel that if comet Ison were to be a mega-disaster level event, my gut would be screaming that I need to be doing all sorts of things as a “prepper” to get ready for it.  All of my “prepper” activities went into high gear 3-4 years ago when I pulled out of the larger more populated area of northern California to head for the wilds of the middle-of-nowhere, so I am already living where I will make my stand [ or die peacefully ], all my extra food and staples I put in years ago, self defense weapon[s] check, extra water check, etcetera.

In March of this year NASA released some information about Comet Ison, stating that the nucleus of the comet is estimated to be about 3 miles wide.  Contrasting that statement…

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