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Terror Attack At Shopping Mall in Nairobi Kenya Leaves 30 Dead, More Than 100 Wounded

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Updated on 9.22.2013

Military, gunmen exchange gunfire
at Kenya mall as hostages hide

68 people are now confirmed dead in the Nairobi Kenya shopping mall massacre.

More than 30 people are still being held hostage inside the mall at this time. Terror group Al-Shabaab is taking responsibility for this attack, which appears to be a retaliation for Kenyan military actions taken in Somalia. Television coverage of this event is being carefully edited, as the attackers are still inside the mall with hostages and are watching live TV coverage of the attack. 3 of the attackers were born in the United States. Two are from Saint Paul Minnesota, and one if from Kansas City Missouri.

Cited from the L.A. Times news website:

“Al Shabab has sought to strike back at Kenya, which sent troops into southern Somalia in 2011 and pushed the group’s fighters out of…

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One thought on “Terror Attack At Shopping Mall in Nairobi Kenya Leaves 30 Dead, More Than 100 Wounded

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