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Atheist Richard Dawkins says nothing wrong with pedophilia

Fellowship of the Minds

Fools say in their hearts,
“There is no God.”
Their deeds are loathsome and corrupt;
not one does what is right.
Psalm 53

RichardDawkinsRichard Dawkins, 72, atheist

I’ve always thought atheists are the most arrogant people. Ever.

While agnosticism — uncertainty about the existence of God — is an understandable position to hold, atheism — the conviction that God doesn’t exist — is not only an intellectually arrogant position to hold, it is also logically indefensible.

Allow me to explain.

Agnostics don’t know if God exists or not. They are skeptical about whether God exists for any number of reasons, including the absence or lack of empirical evidence (or so they say) for God’s existence, and perhaps the most problematic of all — how does one explain the existence of evil, if a loving and omnipotent God exists?

Atheism, however, is indefensible on logical and empirical grounds. The atheist…

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