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Four Incredible Survivor Stories From The Kenya Terror Attack


The terror unleashed in Nairobi’s Westgate Shopping Mall started on Saturday afternoon, with gunshots shattering the buzz of the popular weekend meeting spot. The ensuing hostage crisis left at least 61 civilians dead and a further 175 people wounded. With the stand-off now over, and all the attackers now reportedly dead or captured, increasing numbers of survivors are sharing stories of luck, courage and resourcefulness. Below are four of these stories.

1. The American Whose Life Was Saved By Being On The Ground Floor

It was shortly after midday Saturday when Bendita Malakia, from Elizabeth City in North Carolina, arrived at the mall to have lunch with a friend, reported WAVY-TV. Malakia, who moved to Nairobi in July to work with a finance company, was halfway through lunch on the mall’s terrace when gunmen stormed the area, throwing what she believes were hand grenades and firing rounds from assault rifles.

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