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It’s Not Just the Problem of a Rising Idiocracy, It’s a VIOLENT Idiocracy We Are Facing

Alt News Reports couple of weeks ago I watched a movie with a friend of mine titled “Idiocracy.”  Most of the movie takes place about 500 years into the future in America. Ten minutes in, we found the film pretty accurately captured what’s happening NOW in the United States with more than a small degree of accuracy. I’ve come to the conclusion that it won’t take 50 years, or even 500 years, for our country to arrive at the abjectly pathetic state of national affairs which is portrayed in the film. We’re almost there already. If you haven’t watched this film, have a look, then look around you at what you see in the news. Then you tell me how close you think we are.

American society is NOT TOO FAR AWAY from arriving at the final morass of a majority of humanity portrayed in the comedy which is…

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