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Second in Command Over US Nuclear Arsensal Timothy Giardina Caught Cheating at Poker with Counterfeit Chips

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I’m not exactly sure how cheating at poker with counterfeit chips compromises US national security, but it certainly doesn’t give one the impression that the man with the keys to the nukes is operating at the highest level of personal integrity in his “down time.”

Is there any department of the US government at this point which is NOT riddled with corrupt men and women who bring yet more shame to the nation by their actions?  The acting head of our CIA has a seedy extra-marital affair with an officer and gets busted via his Gmail account.  The NSA spies relentlessly on the American public, without their consent, yet looks the other way when their own employees misuse their clearances to spy on ex-girlfriends and romantic rivals. The second in command of our nuclear arsenal is caught at a small town casino in Iowa at the poker tables using counterfeit…

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