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How Will the World Economy React Now That the United States is Flat Broke?

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Once upon a time the byline of the United States was “The buck stops here.” Now our nation’s byline might read: The bucks have now stopped. Period.

In a probable escalating chain reaction scenario, where we suppose that the US economy is the biggest and ‘brokest’ economic domino, the first domino standing in the chain, thus the first to fall, and in a world where the economies of dozens of nations, if not hundreds, are melded to the rise or fall of the US economy and the value of the US dollar, the inevitable tipping point which causes the first domino to fall [ that domino being us ] would theoretically be national bankruptcy.  Aren’t we at that point NOW? Isn’t the theoretical literally becoming actual?

I’m not an economist, but I’m not blind either. Looking at charts which graphically display the sheer enormity and magnitude of…

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