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Are RFID Chips Being Issued in Hanna Wyoming As A Part of Obamacare?


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Update: The story turned out to be an Onionesque spoof from The National Reporter, and in VERY poor taste I might add. I don’t find the topic of mandatory human RFID chipping funny in the least. It’s something that the darker elements within the US government would no doubt LOVE to mandate. Making a bad joke out of that fact just makes it worse.

Earlier this week I wrote ….

This morning a YT citizen reporter news video pointed to an article from earlier this summer  published by the National Report news blog which states that the town of Hanna Wyoming has been selected as a “test case” for the distribution of mandatory RFID chips to be issued to all welfare recipients, city and local government employees under Obamacare.

The news article states that the mayor of Hanna Wyoming is “on board” with this program, alarming as that sounds…

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