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Glorious Discovery: Long Lost Da Vinci Portrait Found in Swiss Bank Vault

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In a world plagued by failing governments, shut-down governments, nuclear accidents, bikers gone wild, and a host of other daily sorrows, a little bit of good news from the art world is truly a wonderful thing.

Leonardo Da Vinci made a mark on human history like no other artist, innovating inventions and imagined machines which were centuries ahead of his time. Bill Gates spent a small fortune to own one of Da Vinci’s manuscripts, now under glass in his home, bearing the enigmatic left handed mirror script in which Leonardo penned his notes.  His was an unparalleled artistic, botanical, scientific and medical genius which continues to astound scholars today, 500 years later. If there was ever a living example of the heights of artistic and intellectual achievement that humankind may indeed aspire to and reach, it was embodied in Leonardo.

I’m taking a few minutes to rejoice in the moment…

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