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GOV Food Stamp EBT System Goes Down in Atlanta, Ohio, Virginia and Michigan

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I see many folks freaking out, or tweeting about others who are freaking out, because their EBT cards do not work this morning. I am monitoring Twitter on this issue [ #EBT ] and I have seen three different “official” reasons reported via news media for why the system is down.  So it’s actually anyone’s guess.

@JoeTalkShow : ‘Riot time!’: Food stamp users in near-panic over EBT card failures | Twitchy This just got real. haha #EBT 6 minutes ago

‘Riot time!’: Food stamp users in near-panic over EBT card failures | Twitchy

Danger Will Robinson! …

I’m wondering whether this is actually just a “glitch” or a portent of things to come?  Oklahoma EBT has now gone down, as well as Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, and the city of Atlanta. I’ll update the post again in just a few minutes.

Boston news media…

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