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No, You Are NOT a “Grown Ass Man.” You Play Video Games All Day and Drive a Skateboard.

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How many times in popular culture have you heard some self important dude with hair all over his face, albeit shaved into cunning little shapes and corners, shout about how he’s such a “GROWN ASS MAN” replete with gang sign hand gestures, freeze posed in your face for effect?

Aren’t ya sick of it?  I am.

I have been reading articles for weeks about the newest trend in America: young people [ aged 16-25 and aged 26-39 key demographics ] are NOT getting their driver’s licenses, citing a [ lame ass ] variety of reasons.

I’ve had an ongoing sociological rant about the psychological “infantile-ization” of America since the early 90s, when I first began to notice that something was not quite right with America’s young people. I journaled about it at the time.

These were the last few years of a mostly innocent pre-internet era

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