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2013 Web Bot Predictions Were Dire. Thus Far Most of Them Have Not Taken Place.

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2013 Doom and Gloom Another Web Bot EPIC Fail? Or Just Seriously Running Late?

If 2013 is going to bring mass internet outages, a global coastal tsunami, food shortages, mass American refugee migrations, a dollar collapse, breakdown of government and society, and all kinds of other related hell on earth, 2013 is seriously running late. Things aren’t exactly great [ see my recent posts ] but nothing even close to what the web bots predicted for 2013 has taken place [ yet ]. Hmmmm.

Comet Ison makes it’s closest approach to earth on November 28th 2013, on Thanksgiving Day. Will that day be one of peace, happiness, family gratitude, home and hearth [ I hope so ] – or will the doom and gloom that the web bots predicted descend with Ison’s closest passing?

As much as the predictors opine, the sages pontificate, and the most fashionable Zombies get…

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