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I’m Tuning Out and Turning OFF TV’s Newest Gore Fest: “The Blacklist”

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I knew that turning TV cable service again would necessitate ongoing choices. As I continuously choose and re-choose and choose again NOT to subject my psyche to the nonstop and unnecessary gore that comes along with network programming, tonight I finally chose to TUNE out and TURN OFF the hideously explicitly gory NBC network show “The Blacklist”.

There is a way to tell a gripping story without showing scenes of explicit human gore every 30 seconds. It’s just one more sign of the decaying moral compass and the rising tide of personal depravity in this nation that NBC producers feel they just can’t tell the story of getting the bad guys without broadcasting in-your-face zoomed in close-ups of something absolutely hideous about every 8 minutes.  it’s so preposterously over-the-top that it’s both pathetic and very, very troubling.  I’m sick to death of SICKO TV.  Entertainment? NOT. These programs are designed…

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