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‘Self-censored UK media’ frightened to show true outrage with global spying — RT Op-Edge


The snowballing global surveillance scandal has left the world leaders with no choice other than express discontent with NSA programs, despite the fact their own intelligence agencies are involved, former MI-5 whistleblower Annie Machon told RT.

The latest Snowden revelation uncovered that the UK’s intelligence agency GCHQ was doing whatever it could to prevent the media from igniting a “damaging public debate” and the subsequent possibility of a legal threat over its own surveillance practices and cooperation with the NSA.

Annie Machon told RT that UK’s system of “self-censorship” when reporting on sensitive defense topics is somewhat unique in most Western democratic countries.

RT:GCHQ has privately admitted that it’s been pushing the bounds of legality. Is there any realistic chance of legal action against the agency?

Annie Machon: Well, we hope so in the UK. I have to say that the debate around the Edward Snowden’s disclosures…

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