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Teaching kids to “pay it forward”: Can random acts of kindness replace bullying?

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On October 25, 2013, Eva Lesko Natiello had an article talking about how schools should have one month every year dedicated to “paying it forward.” Assemblies could teach kids how random acts of kindness have a major positive affect on people. Students could be shown examples. Ideas of what constitutes a “pay it forward” could be discussed. Like, maybe it’s just a smile for someone who needs it, like a fellow student who’s having a bad day, or maybe carrying someone’s books who’s on crutches.

Natiello further suggested that schools could feature “pay it forward” news on dedicated boards, helping to make it contagious. Whether these gestures are big or small it emphasizes positivity. Maybe these assemblies could even replace the bullying assemblies that seem to be commonplace now, and are often quite disturbing−thereby teaching through a positive message versus a negative one.


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