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Hurricane Haiyan / Yolanda Pounds the Philippines: 200+mph Winds, Huge Water Wall of Storm Surge

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Pause to consider that 200mph winds are usually associated with an F5 tornado, not a hurricane. Hurricane Haiyan aka Yolanda, had been predicted as a category 5 storm, and it has now made landfall in the Philippines late yesterday. Unprecedented wind speeds and a huge wall of water storm surge rolled over the Philippines about 17 hours ago, creating mass destruction on a scale not seen since Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast last year.

“… the strongest storm in recorded history …”

– CNN weather reporter

More than 2 million people live on the islands of the Philippines directly in the path of the storm. More than 125,000 people were evacuated from low lying coastal areas before the colossus hit.  At least 100+ evacuation centers were set up in advance of hurricane Haiyan’s landfall. Wind gusts were recorded which were more than 235 mph as the storm…

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