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Group Tied to ObamaCare ‘Trains’ Journalists how to Spin ObamaCare’s failures

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11.08.13 by Todd Cefaratti, Editor of TPNN

The relationship between the White House and the media has become largely too incestuous. No longer content with the media offering their own explanations for Obama’s failures, loyal Obama operatives are now coaching and instructing journalists on how to explain and excuse Obamacare’s massive failures.

Nothing fishy here…

Every dictator knows that if you want to stay in power, you absolutely must control the media. Having a robust, honest, independent media is an important aspect of maintaining a government accountable to the people. However, the Obama Regime has worked very hard over the years to gain a stranglehold on the media and it shows.

Through coercion and outright bullying, the Obama Administration has compelled many news organizations to quiet their criticisms lest they be shunned and cast out into the cold, unable to gain access to the White House scoops.

Now, with…

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