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Mysterious Armor Plated Spiny Prehistoric Fish, Unknown Species, Discovered in Malaysia

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We live in a mysterious world where many undiscovered species may still abound. That’s a remarkable fact, given the depths to which the known world has been explored in the past 100 years. A fisherman off the coast of Borneo in Malaysia has made an astounding oceanic discovery. Apparently the creature he caught may be a new unknown species. The remarkable photo and story about the find is re-posted from The Daily Mail news website in the UK:


  • Foot-long creature has baffled authorities who are scrabbling to identify it
  • It has a large head and a spiny body that gets smaller towards the tail
  • Was pulled from the South China Sea by an angler near Tudan in Malaysia

A mystery fish with terrifying tusk-like spikes near its mouth and spines along its body has been caught off the coast of Borneo.

The discovery has baffled fisherman in the…

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