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An Interesting Turn of Events in North Korea

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North Korea is in the news again this week for doing more of what they are known so well for: being absolutely cruel and irrationally wicked. 85 year old businessman from South Korea, Merrill Newman, is being held by NK and was forced this week to sign a trumped up “confession” of imagined offenses he had supposed committed against the sinking, isolated fascist nation. US authorities, along with Merrill Newman’s family, are pleading for his release, but as in many other such instances where Americans have been taken by NK into ‘sudden custody’ while traveling there, this many not end well.

Another quite interesting turn of events has also recently come to light regarding the hideous regime which holds the North Korean people in a pervasive grip, always fearing either abuse, torture or death. There is an emerging fast spreading crystal meth epidemic now gripping the country.  Spreading North Korean crystal…

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