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(Video) Arabs teach toddler to swim

The Muslim Issue

Evil and vile is the only name to describe them by. This is nothing but pure and undisputed child abuse.

This was filmed in Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Let us know if you find any sign of humanity in this clip. Listen to them laughing at the struggles by this little toddler trying to stay afloat and get air when she is being pushed down under the water. Poor little kid! She/he can’t even walk and certainly can’t swim or float. It must have been absolutely terrifying, petrifying for her/him. Small children like this cannot protect themselves and infant/toddler drownings are most common in bathtubs and buckets. Their ears get filled with water leading to severe infections.

Can you mention any animals behaving like Muslims? This is not a human being. These Muslims are pure subhuman evil. The constant behavior of complete savagery, hatred, racism, aggression and total callousness…

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