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British Parliament Taunts UK Poor with 11% Pay Raise For Themselves During Austerity Cuts

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If you didn’t read my earlier 12.08.13 post about the ongoing overt enticement of the governed by their leaders around the world to rise up and riot, now would be a good time to give that essay a thorough read. As if to make my point all the more clear, this little morsel of news appeared in the video stream this evening.  If one didn’t know better, one might be tempted the think that the UK contingency of the New World Odor had been given a stalwart directive to “do whatever it takes” to get their people to take to the streets and riot” since there’s not quite enough abject pandemonium yet for global martial law to clamp shut upon the limbs like a bear trap.

The sheer gall of it, eh?

My advice is this: Don’t take the bait. Take the high road instead.

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