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The Call for Truth Will Drown Out the Sounds of Lies in the Next Ten Years


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The sound of an urgent call for full disclosure of the alien agenda / UFO / cattle mutilation / human abduction phenomenon has gone from a soft fringe murmur to a full roar in the last twenty years. This very loud noise on all media airwaves reached a crescendo last year in 2012, as calls for “full disclosure” of the international UFO / alien agenda / abduction coverup were made by high profile figures in radio broadcasting, UFO research, alternative news media publishing, including many prominent figures in government, who came forward with some of their own claims for the first time.

Documents by the literal ton have, by now, been shredded and burned by colluding federal agencies for decades, eliminating most all of the damning evidence which could be used by the American people to bring charges against the FED in one of the most heinous acts that…

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