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Beyond the Ominous RFID Chip Lies a Circuit Tattoo and an “RFID Whole Body Authentication Pill” Which is Swallowed: Introducing Hell on Earth 2014

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A few years back, before I was forced [ for personal reasons ] to yank a 3,000 page WP news blog which was packed with extended reports and video on the dire implications of RFIDtechnology when it is misused on humans as tracking devices, I wrote many in-depth articles warning of the dangers to the world public of any sort of global RFID based human tracking / surveillance and financial control system. Heightened awareness is growing among the people of the United States and the rest of the world as to how the potential misuse of RFID technology could create a living nightmare for the general public, if the governments of nations choose to begin trying to deploy the technology for social and financial control and citizen surveillance.

The danger has now morphed from mere rice grain sized insertible RFID chips into circuits which are sewn into the…

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