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Firebrand Sarah Palin Returning to TV: And Not a Moment Too Soon

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I’m sure readers are familiar with last week’s TV media pundit shocker, where Martin Bashir said some things about Sarah Palin that broke all former records for distasteful and uncouth. He is now out of a job with MSNBC, and Sarah Palin is getting a new TV show, in what can only be called karmic justice.

I’ve always been a fan of Sarah’s. She’s had to endure more than her fair share of cruelty and ridicule in the media. She let’s it roll, she presses on, and she’s stronger than ever. That’s tenacity, popularity staying power and it’s to be admired as the dismal years of the Obama presidency drag on.

When prominent men in politics say particularly foolish or ill informed things, when they creep around in broad daylight and twiddle their interns while possessing the oval office for example, they are eventually forgiven and often go on…

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