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Maps Detailing Possible Routes Armies Might Take Across the Globe to Armageddon

American Info Maps

My posting of these collected maps constitutes neither an endorsement, nor a rebuttal of their contents, or claims to accuracy. That having been said, I do believe the teachings of the Bible regarding a great and terrible global conflict to come in the future which will involve the largest armies on earth. Further, I believe that great conflict will take place in my lifetime, at some point in the next 30 to 40 years. Ergo, one would want to consider getting the deeper spiritual affairs of their own soul in order. I would offer up to readers that it is not the quantity of one’s life which is important, in the end, but the quality of it, which actually matters.

For those agnostics or atheists who disdain a life lived out of faith in God, I cannot possibly imagine a bleaker existence than to face our collective future as a…

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Prophecies RE: 200 Million Man Army Marching on the Mideast in the Last Days

There is considerable confusion regarding the exact number of any collective army which would converge out of the Mideast nations to eventually march under the “black flag” of radical Islam.  A Christian truth researcher explains in his video below, that in fact, the only nation on earth capable of raising an army of 200 million men and women, is China.

There are three great armies in the world which every American Christian should be monitoring in the next eight to ten years: 1) the rise of the army of the black flag in the Mideast, 2) the Russian army, 3) the fast swelling armies of China.

“The number of the mounted troops was 200 million.”

– Rev 9:14-16

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Cited from an Islamic website [ English language translation blow ]:

“Description: According to the prophecies of prophet Muhammad, a non-stop army will rise from the land of Khorasan holding Black Flags of Islam in the end times. This army will conquer several occupied lands of Muslims till it reaches to Jerusalem. Then it will pledge its allegiance to Imam al Mahdi.”

Where exactly is Khorasan?

Cited: “Khorasan in the time of Prophet Muhammad  included the whole of Afghanistan, Northern parts of Pakistan including Malakand Division, Central Asian States, part of Iran. Still a province in the North East of the Iran is named as Khorasan.” [ More  Details ]

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Money Masters Documentary: Rothschild Control of the Federal Reserve and Nations’ Central Banks

Rothschild Research Archive 2040

This is a lengthy and detailed documentary which not only covers the abbreviated history of the development of concepts of currency and banking, but details how fractional reserve banking and the agents of the Rothschild family and their heirs have been intricately entwined into the very core histories of Great Britain and the United States since the earliest days of their respective inceptions as nations. The video documentary is about 3.5 hours in length.

The viewer will receive many many surprise revelations about the hidden hand of criminal banking cartels which have been involved in nearly every war fought on British, European or US soil since the late 1600s. If you love the United States and want to understand how the course of our own history has been manipulated by criminal bank cartels since before the Revolutionary War, you MUST SEE this documentary. Enjoy in in stages, if you are…

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Husband of Condemned Pregnant Woman Rushes To Sudan To Save Her From Hanging

Nice Deb


The husband of  Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, the eight months pregnant woman who is facing the death penalty for marrying a Christian, has returned to Sudan in an effort to save his wife.

Meriam, who now sits in a filthy Sudanese jail with her eighteen month old son, has been sentenced to 100 lashes of the whip and then to death by hanging. 

Under Sudan’s application of sharia law, the former punishment is for adultery due to the fact that she is a Muslim woman married to a Christian man, a marriage considered invalid, and the latter, somewhat contradictorily, for having left Islam to become a Christian, which is a capital crime.  Her husband, Daniel Wani, has not been charged with adultery.

Reportedly, both mother and son (a United States citizen) have been “struggling with illnesses contracted in the deplorable conditions of Omdurman Federal Women’s Prison.”

Wani, who currently lives in Manchester, New…

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