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After the Disappearance of Flight MH370 Jacob Rothschild Was Left As Sole Owner of Significant Patent for Electronic Warfare Chip Developed by Freescale Semiconductor: 70 Freescale Engineers [ & 4 Patent Holders ] Were on Flight MH370

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Jacob Rothschild

70 engineers who worked for Freescale Semiconductor out of Austin Texas were flying on flight MH370 when it disappeared. Have you even heard the phrase “Freescale Semiconductor” mentioned ONCE on any mainstream news outlet since this tragedy took place? Of course not. And you won’t either. There is a worldwide news blackout on this sickening story, forbidding any mention of the terms:

Freescale Semiconductor

Jacob Rothschild

Sole Patent Owner

Freescale Semiconductor engineers

Flight MH370

… ever to be spoken in the same paragraph. Hold their feet to the fire people. MAKE the news media begin reporting the truth about what Jacob Rothschild stood to gain if all those engineers perished, four of which WERE THE OTHER PATENT HOLDERS, leaving him as the sole remaining living owner off the vitally important patent.

The videos and links tell the story. This post will be updated frequently as I post…

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